Over the years, we innovated to solve the problems of the time as well as invest in anticipated would be problems and also basic expectations form our customers. Back in 2015, we built a light version of the Amazon shopping app called Micron, to ensure that customers could have a superior shopping experience while shopping on Amazon. We also introduced one-day and two-day guaranteed delivery. Over the years, we introduced programs like Prime - driving significant change in consumer behavior to make ecommerce a part of customers’ everyday lives; we introduced Amazon Easy - an assisted shopping service for customers who were not shopping online because of transaction barriers like lack of trust, lack of access to the internet; we introduced shopping experiences for customers in Indian languages.

Over the past 3 years, we invested in the needs of the next 100MM customers; we introduced voice shopping that enables customers to simply speak to shop and we now produce and also auto-create videos to enhance product pages and help customers evaluate the product offered, thus simplifying their purchase decision. In addition, we have also been working towards enabling digital payments at every touch point of customer’s shopping journey by deepening digital payment habits by extending our payment experience beyond shopping to everyday use cases like bill payments, money transfers or offline digital payments at their neighbourhood stores.

As much as the team is proud of all the invention over the years, we are as excited, if not more of all the invention that is ahead of us as we look forward to engage the the next 500 million customers to shop/pay/watch/eat/play/online.