If we want a gender equal world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, then it is imperative for us to #BreakTheBias with collective responsibility.

The onus of creating a world free of discrimination and stereotypes — one where differences are valued — does not lie solely with women in the workplace. The onus for creating an equitable ecosystem lies with the entire community.

For any organisation, this begins with a diverse hiring strategy where women, people who identify as women, people from the LGBTQIA+ and PWD communities all feel welcome, valued, supported, and celebrated. A diverse workspace also welcomes college freshers, single mothers, or primary family caregivers who support each other through their personal and professional journeys.

We, at Amazon, have been working to break the bias in the workplace via a range of DEI initiatives and programs. Over the month of March, we will showcase a variety of workplace events and stories of women. It is steps like these that will help us break the bias one brick at a time, till a wall of discrimination and inequality is finally broken.