Amazon today announced that it has completed the integration of its grocery stores Fresh and Pantry into a single unified store called Amazon Fresh. The new store, available across 300+ cities in India, continues to offer customers unbeatable savings, a wide selection of products, and fast and convenient delivery options in one single online destination.

Driven by a commitment to be an ‘everything’ and ‘everyday’ store for customers, Siddharth Nambiar talks to us about how the team achieved this important milestone and what customers can expect with the new Amazon Fresh store.

Sid Nambiar, Amazon Fresh
Siddharth Nambiar - Director, Category Management, Amazon India 
Photo by Ritesh Niranjan

Can you tell us a little more about the new Amazon Fresh store in the Amazon app?

We are a customer obsessed company and continue to listen to our customers to offer them enhanced shopping experiences, a wide range of selection, and the best value and convenience. In February this year, we announced the integration of the Pantry store into Fresh in select cities and customers loved the convenience of shopping for daily groceries coupled with unmatched savings.

Today, we've completed the integration of both stores into a single online store called Amazon Fresh across 300+ cities in India. Customers will continue to enjoy super value savings, a wide selection of products, and convenient delivery options. They also get an upgraded shopping experience, with a dedicated app-in-app for grocery, and convenient features like personalized widgets and reminders to ensure that frequently shopped items aren't forgotten during checkout.

Will I still get all the Pantry selection in the new store?

Yes, customers will get all the Pantry selection in the new Amazon Fresh store. 

Amazon Fresh
The Amazon Fresh icon on the Homepage.

What’s in store for the customers from an experience perspective?

We are laser-focused on providing customers the best online shopping experience, coupled with quick and safe delivery. We know fully well that customers will shop with us only until they find a better experience elsewhere, so we strive hard to meet their standards. This launch has allowed us to simplify the shopping experience for groceries via our dedicated Amazon Fresh app-in-app experience, and sets us up to deliver many new features and enhancements in the coming months. Apart from offering great savings, Amazon Fresh will also reduce barriers to grocery shopping online.
Clicking on the Amazon Fresh icon on the homepage takes you to the dedicated grocery shopping store, where you'll find features that help you build your weekly/monthly basket in a few minutes. Shopping for groceries online has become more rewarding, fast, safe and convenient with Amazon Fresh.

What will customers across 300 cities in India see on their App from today onwards?

Amazon Fresh will offer a selection of perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, frozen and chilled products like dairy and meats, dry grocery items, beauty, baby, personal care, and pet products, across our top 14 cities (Bangalore, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Kolkata), Amazon Fresh will offer a selection of perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, frozen and chilled products like dairy and meats, dry grocery items, beauty, baby, personal care, and pet products. Customers in these cities will also be able to enjoy two-hour delivery slots starting 6 AM to midnight.

For the remaining cities, customers can shop for dry groceries across staples, cooking essentials, snacks, beverages, packaged food, household supplies, personal care, skin care, pet food, baby products such as diapers and baby food, and lots more, with delivery within 1-3 days.

With customer demands on services, products, quick delivery times, how do you plan to be the “One Stop Shop”?

We are humbled that millions of Indian customers have made us a part of their every day lives. Customers trust Amazon to dependably deliver groceries and other essential products safely to their home. With this new launch, all items will get delivered in a single convenient shipment delivered between 1-3 days depending on the customer’s location.

Does the integration to 300 cities mean that the demand has been rising from the Tier II and III cities, especially post pandemic?

Over the last 18 months, we've seen a lot of customers move online. Nearly 65% of orders and over 85% of new customers on are from Tier II & III cities. Usually their first buy is a grocery product. We've observed an uptick in customers buying cooking ingredients like flour, ghee, maida, sugar, packaged sweets, dry fruits, gift boxes, and snacks and beverages. Now that we have integrated convenience and value into a single store, we see a lot of potential to attract customers with various shopping missions via our unified store. In top cities such as Bhubaneshwar, Patna, and Lucknow, we've seen a lot of adoption for online grocery shopping post pandemic. We will continue to build on our presence and quality of service in these cities to further accelerate new customer adoption.