Vineeta Singh started her entrepreneurship journey with a beauty subscription business. While the subscription business shuttered due to lack of scale, it helped her create a product that eventually led to building a full-fledged brand that is today known as SUGAR Cosmetics.

The CEO says every entrepreneur needs to spot the lessons behind failure and learn from it. “You don’t have to be flamboyant or a genius like Steve Jobs to run a business. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and have their own style of leadership and building,” Singh believes.

In this fun chat with Amazon India, Vineeta also shares her mantra of being a successful entrepreneur and brings you up to speed on some fun facts about her journey. Like how SUGAR was not the first name of choice for her business. What was it then? Watch the video to find out!

MIND YOUR BUSINESS - How does Vineeta keep the balance between SUGAR and spice?

Sold Out

SUGAR is enjoying a phenomenal run during the ongoing Amazon Great Indian Festival. “So many of our products got sold out in the first three days itself! Women truly love Amazon and is on the way to becoming every woman’s favourite beauty destination,” reveals Singh.

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