For Nipun Marya, CEO - iQOO, growth is limitless. He believes this philosophy has shaped him as a manager and as a parent.

Marya kicks off the second episode of Amazon's new series Mind Your Business by answering one of the most burning questions about his brand: how exactly do you pronounce iQOO? Take the ‘l’ out of ‘i cool’ and that’s the name, he grins.

Work culture at iQOO (H2)

He also talks about building a culture that's high on ownership and openness and his success mantra. “At iQOO we believe that our lack of systems and processes and having spontaneity is the real mantra. For us, it's about open house sessions, walking into any meeting and picking up a discussion with anybody, that is the kind of environment we have right now.”

MIND YOUR BUSINESS - How does Nipun Marya keep it iQOO-L?

Catch Marya as he shares bits about his life, choosing Amazon as a partner for iQOO, and more, exclusively on Mind Your Business.

“We as a brand also stand for great consumer satisfaction when we design a product. Part of our success can be attributed to how Amazon and iQOO have worked together,” he says, as he picks out his wishlist for the Great Indian Festival.

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