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After 17 years of watching Grey's Anatomy, Nisha Susan was bracing for the last season. Watching the last season during the pandemic made her realise that no book or TV show had been as well prepared for this year of death, loss and abrupt goodbyes. This is the theme of her newest book, ‘What Watching Grey's Anatomy through Seventeen Years and One Pandemic Taught Me’, an Amazon Prime Day release.

Amazon’s annual two-day shopping event for Prime members, Prime Day is just around the corner on July 26 & 27, and book-lovers have reason to be excited. Along with offers from top brands, Prime members also get premier views on curated books, best deals and blockbuster entertainment. A host of new releases are planned for Prime Day, with authors bringing you different slices of life, from essays to commentaries and fiction to fantasy.

Speaking of life and death

Nisha Susan is a Bangalore-based writer and editor and the author of the short story collection, ‘The Women Who Forgot to Invent Facebook’ and other stories. Since the pandemic began, she could not shake the feeling that we are all stuck in a giant medical drama. Coincidentally, Grey's Anatomy, the hit medical drama was supposed to run its last season in 2020. “When the 17th season arrived I was impressed to see that they had somehow created a show that was just months behind the headlines in terms of COVID. In my essay I make the argument that while Grey's Anatomy is famous for being the musical chairs of sexy complications, it's actually obsessed with talking about death. And so, it was was very well placed for a really moving last season, talking about life and death.”

'The only thing that made sense to me in this time was writing'

She’s thrilled that people are reading more during the pandemic, as seen from Amazon’s data over the past year. Her first book came out in August 2020 in the middle of year one of the pandemic. “I was extremely pleased to have people read my book and write to me about it. Honestly, the only thing that made sense to me in this time was writing. The noise of the pandemic is high and our domestic lives are packed with difficulties. Still, life is quieter and it did lend itself to writing about things that matter to you. I did have some sense that people were turning to books for comfort in this time, but to have a study confirm this is wonderful.”

She’s been reading too, and passionately recommends her reading list - Hellfire by Leesa Gazi, translated by Shabnam Nadiya, The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao, all the Judith Flanders murder mysteries, Meesha & Moustache.

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