‘Half Torn Hearts’ is my 12th novel and 14th overall book. What makes this one stand out is the fact that it’s my most autobiographical work thus far. When I say autobiographical it doesn’t necessarily mean the book is based on exact real events and people but it definitely is based on feelings which I’ve felt for three particular (and very special) women in my life and, perhaps, they for me. While some of the incidents are penned exactly the way they happened along with the dialogues, but I’ve tried my best to garb it all up in a way that only those who inspired it will know it and others can experience an intense and engaging relationship story. Or so I hope.

I’ve dedicated the book to those three women who have constantly inspired me both creatively and as a human being, who have given me thoughts which in turn pushed me to become a better version of myself. When I’d written the story five years back, I’d met two of them but, in a strange way, the manuscript remained incomplete. Till the third woman entered my life and I re-visited the manuscript. It was good that I didn’t complete it five years back for I’m happy the way it has shaped up now.

As an author who is known for twisted thrillers, it is always a challenge to genre hop. My readers expect a lot from me and I leave no stone unturned to provide them what they are looking for to the extent the story I choose to tell allows me to. Since a long time, I was desirous of writing an intense relationship story which not only is a coming-of-age drama but also gives me an opportunity to dive deep into the human psychology when it comes to man-woman relationships. Those who have read my work before already know this that I love to present real, layered and potentially grey characters through my stories. Half Torn Hearts is no different. Though it tracks the lives of three individual over three decades, what fascinated me was how every decade they spoke differently, thought differently and how with time their outlook towards life changes.