Our thoughts are with people impacted by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. Amazon has partnered with humanitarian partners to provide immediate relief. To support the people of Türkiye, customers in India can donate here. Donated items are being sent to the Turkish Consulates in India. Thank you for your generosity.

February 8
Amazon provides cash donations to non-governmental organizations helping with relief efforts in Türkiye and Syria

Amazon has announced an initial commitment of $500,000 in total cash donations to non-governmental organizations providing critical support in areas affected by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

The organizations include Red Crescent, AKUT (Search and Rescue Association), the AHBAP foundation, World Food Program, Save the Children, and UNICEF. Amazon’s commitment is in addition to the product donations and logistics support that the company is already providing in the region. The first two truckloads of Amazon’s donated relief items departed the company’s fulfillment center in Istanbul on Tuesday, February 7, for Hatay Province. Additional trucks are scheduled to depart in the next few days to Hatay and Malatya provinces. Amazon stands with communities in the regions affected by the devastating earthquake. Amazon teams in Türkiye are closely working with local authorities and nonprofits on the ground to provide relief.

February 7
First shipment of Amazon relief items leaves Istanbul for areas affected by earthquake

A day after the devastating earthquake in Türkiye, the first truckload of Amazon’s donated relief items departed the company’s fulfillment center in Istanbul.

The supplies are heading to Hatay Province and include heaters, blankets, and other goods to aide first responders and help victims stay warm amid frigid weather. Rescue operations are ongoing following the Monday morning earthquake, which officials say killed over 7,700 people.

A package of donations is labeled "Humanitarian Goods" and is ready to be loaded into a truck.

Amazon customers can help by donating through a new donations page on Amazon’s Türkiye store. Within three hours of the page going live on Tuesday, customers had donated more than 5,000 items to help earthquake victims.

As of Tuesday morning, all of Amazon’s nearly 2,000 workers in Türkiye were safe and accounted for. We continue to be in contact with organizations on the ground and the Turkish government to learn more about what’s needed in areas impacted by the earthquake, and we will work with partners to deliver relief items and logistical support.

Amazon employees load up donation items on to a truck.

February 6
Just after 4 a.m. local time on Monday, February 6, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Türkiye and the surrounding region, causing widespread devastation. Local authorities have confirmed at least 2,600 deaths and expect the figure to increase as search and rescue efforts continue.

To assist impacted communities, Amazon has activated its disaster relief capabilities and is responding to help meet the immediate needs of the Red Crescent and other relief organizations. We are preparing to ship donated relief items from our fulfillment center in Istanbul to affected areas. Our donations will include items such as blankets, tents, heaters, food, diapers, baby food, medicine, and other emergency items as victims face not only the damage from the earthquake but frigid winter weather.

We expect the first truckloads to depart on Wednesday.

The Disaster Relief by Amazon team helps us leverage our expertise in logistics to coordinate relief efforts around the world.

“This immediate delivery is just the beginning of Amazon’s response,” said Abe Diaz, head of Amazon’s Disaster Relief program. “Over the coming days, we’ll work with local organizations and disaster-relief groups to identify on-the-ground needs and use Amazon’s logistics and delivery network to meet them.”

Amazon has nearly 2,000 workers in Türkiye and no facilities in the impacted areas. Our local leaders spent the day Monday ensuring that staff and their families were safe and accounted for. We are committed to continue leveraging our infrastructure, inventory, and teams to provide the relief that’s needed.

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