From relief efforts during disasters to bringing computer science education to government schools, Amazon makes a difference to people’s lives in myriad ways.

It’s that time of the year at Amazon India when employees come together and do their bit for the communities where they live and work. The Global Month of Volunteering (GMV) is an annual global event where Amazon’s leaders, employees, partners and even some customers all over the world come together to support causes that can make a difference. In its third year in India, GMV 2024 focuses on Amazon’s key themes of education, food security, sustainability, and women empowerment.

With its three-fold mission of educating, inspiring and connecting, GMV 2024 will run through May 2024. Amazon has curated over 150+ volunteering events across India in partnership with over 40+ non-profits including DonateKart, Rosy Blue Foundation, Way For Life, GIVE Foundation, Bhumi, Robin Hood Army, CRY, Helping 2 Hands, Indian Roots Foundation, Ramp My city, Vedanshi Foundation and KHUSHI. Employees can participate in a gamut of in-office, outside-office and virtual volunteering opportunities.

Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon

Four flagship events have been planned across cities this year for employees. Some events are open to employees’ families too.

  • Summer Wonderland: This event aims to create an inspiring environment for children to dream big. Volunteers, in association with non-profits CRY and KHUSHI, will engage with children for exciting activities. The children will learn valuable lessons about creativity, science, and experiencing a day at various Amazon office.
  • Support Local: The event will support local entrepreneurship in association with local self-help groups, with a specific emphasis on supporting youth and women-led ventures. Participants will receive practical assistance and guidance to enhance inventory production capabilities. The aim is to empower small-scale enterprises, champion indigenous products, and cultivate sustainable livelihoods in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru.
  • Pack a Ration: In partnership with DonateKart, Amazon volunteers will organise and package vital food items such as rice, pulses, grains, cooking oil, spices, and other non-perishable goods into ration kits. These kits will serve as a source of nourishment for families facing food insecurity, aiding them in overcoming hunger and shortages.
  • Tiny treats: Organised in collaboration with Robin Hood Army, this activity involves Amazon employees in efforts around improving access to food and basic needs. By assembling and distributing sandwiches to those in need, this event seeks to cultivate a culture of generosity.
Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon
Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon
Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon
Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon
Global Month of Volunteering at Amazon

Amazon is furthering a culture of Amazon employees giving back to local communities through a range of volunteering opportunities and NGO partnerships.

38,000+ Amazon India employees participated in GMV 2023

During the 2023 edition of GMV, more than 70,000 Amazonians spanning over 51 countries joined forces to organise and lead over 3,000 volunteer events dedicated to causes close to their hearts. In India, over 38,000 employees participated in 526 volunteering events.

Volunteering: a two-way street

As Amazon India gears up for GMV 2024, the spirit of giving back to communities is stronger than ever. Volunteers have realised that ‘giving’ is never a one-way street, you receive as much as you give. A global study on volunteering and mental health showed that those who volunteered often experienced better mental health and that volunteering made them happier human beings.

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