cancer day amazon india

To mark World Cancer Day and bring about impactful change in the health and wellness of local communities, Amazon India ran multiple cancer awareness and screening programmes across the country all through February. Cancer is a leading malaise of our times, and many types of this deadly disease is linked with unhealthy lifestyle choices that we make. The good news, however, is that it is possible to prevent almost 70 per cent of all cancers. Awareness and education is key to preventing and detecting most forms of cancers, along with access to decisions on treatment options.

To promote and advocate preventive cancer care, community health awareness and check-up camps were held across the country by Amazon Cares, the CSR initiative of Amazon India. Nearly a 100 Amazon employees from various fulfillment centres (FCs) and sorting centres (SCs) volunteered in various cancer awareness activities for early detection, prevention and necessary precautions against cancer.

One such cancer awareness camp was set up at Golapally Village in Hyderabad, which saw healthy attendance from the local community. Similar camps were held across Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, the Delhi National Capital Region, and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, among others.

Amazon Cares also organised cancer screening and awareness camps that benefitted nearly 2,000 local women and children from more than 18 locations across the country. Conducted in partnership with reputed hospitals and medical institutes, community participants were supported with cancer diagnosis and treatment information.

There were many hospitals and medical institutions who helped with camps. Across cities, women participants were especially informed about breast, cervical and ovarian cancers. They were also told about symptoms and the need for early diagnosis for proper treatment and cure.

In one of the villages supported by the Amazon Cares Community Centre in Chennai, a lady was diagnosed with uterus cancer during the camp conducted last year and was recommended a hospital visit for further treatment. Fearing social stigma she had refused. The continuous efforts of the Amazon Cares team, however, saw her agree to get medical treatment. A few months later, she had a cancer-free life.

She shares, “I was shocked to know that I had cancer and wasn’t ready to battle it. But with the support of experienced doctors and the Amazon Community Centre, I have recovered. Now I have renewed energy to ensure that no one else in my community experiences this alone!”