“I can’t always manage to get a glass of milk at home before coming to school. I like it that my school gives us a fresh glass of milk every morning before our classes begin,” says 13-year-old Suchitra. She studies in a Government primary school in Bangalore, Karnataka. Her friend, Roja, agrees with her, adding, “This warm milk in the morning feel so good, I see an positive and healthy change in myself!" Ditto for Abhilashs who says all her nutritious needs come from this early morning glass of milk.

Amazon India's tie up with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which runs meal programs for schools across the country, to provide morning milk to children in Bangalore’s government schools and Anganwadi centres under the State Government of Karnataka’s Ksheera Bhagya Scheme is bearing fruit. With its participation in the scheme, Amazon India is helping to ensure that school children start their day with a healthy glass of milk, which is nutritious and essential for their healthy growth and all-round development. The scheme is also as an added incentive for parents to send their children to school. Says Madevi, "I could not give my son Nandish a glass of milk every morning, our economic status doesnt allow this. But this program has meant improved health of my son."

A glass of milk makes learning easier
Parents of school children feel that the morning milk their children get in school has made a difference to their learning abilities. “It is a healthy and wholesome drink for children, I am happy that my child is being well taken care of in school,” says Saraswati, mother of Std V student Tanushree, who studies in a similar government school in Bangalore.
Amazon India’s support of Rs. 1.60 crore for the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme has enabled The Akshaya Patra Foundation to reach more than 1,70,000 children in Bangalore’s aided and semi-aided schools for over 190 days in an academic year.

Morning milk for eager young minds
Recent research has shown that nutrition plays an important role in the wholesome development of a child. A glass of milk each morning also helps in improving the concentration levels of school children.
Agreeing with the parents of school children, a teacher a government school shares that, “A wholesome glass of milk gives children learning advantages. When they get into the classroom, they feel energised and ready to learn.”
“The most important lessons are learnt in the morning,” says Mrs Iyengar, the headmistress of another government school. “So a healthy and nutritious drink for each child opens out critical hours of learning. I think that’s a very good investment in a nation’s future.”