The latest show on Indian television - TED Talks India - Nayi Soch showcases new thinking from some of the brightest brains in India and beyond. Spoken entirely in Hindi, the TV series is hosted by none other than the King of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Khan.

Ashwin Ram, Senior Manager, Alexa AI at Amazon was invited to speak on artificial intelligence, Alexa and Echo, and how they can make our lives better by simply using the power of voice. Ashwin’s quest for making robots (or bots) smarter has made him a leading expert on artificial intelligence and an integral part of the Alexa team.

When elaborating on the power of voice with Shah Rukh Khan, Ashwin questions: “When I talk to you, I don’t need to touch you or swipe you, I just speak and get the point across, you understand and get back to me with your answer. Why don’t our bots do that as well?”

It’s no secret that at Amazon, we believe voice is a big part of the future that will fundamentally improve the way our customers interact with technology. It can make the complex simple—all because voice is the most natural, intuitive user interface.
Alexa – the cloud-based service that powers devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot – is at the heart of this vision. Today, Alexa-enabled devices can play music, set alarms and timers, provide information, check your calendar, weather, sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and much more – using only your voice.

Intrigued? Check out Ashwin’s talk in the TED video to learn more about a bot-enabled future that might have you saying (like Shah Rukh Khan does): "Alexa, I love you!" You can also catch the complete episode at your convenience on Hotstar & the Ted Talks apps with your Fire TV Stick