Within 4 years of coming to India, Amazon’s Alexa voice service and Echo devices has made their way to millions of Indian households. The love and affection received from all family members, whether it is the elderly or the tiny tots, is heartwarming.

The number of requests to Alexa in 2021 increased by 68% since the previous year. Customers from India interact with Alexa multiple times in a day in English, Hindi and Hinglish for requests as diverse as asking for their favourite music to a compliment for themselves, from calling friends and family to expressing their love to Alexa, from queries related to health and wellness to controlling smart home appliances, and much more.

Here is a sneak peek of the most popular requests to Alexa in 2021:

One stop destination for music

Alexa images

  • Alexa entertained customers with a wide range of music by playing over 21.6 Lakh songs every day.
  • From the top 20 songs, 40% were kid's category, 25% were devotional, 15% were regional, and the remaining 20% were from Bollywood, International-English and Indian pop songs.
  • Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra & Vishnu Sahasranamam were the most requested devotional songs.
  • Baby Shark, Lakdi Ki Kathi, and Johny Johny Yes Papa were the most requested kid’s music.
  • 52 Gaj Ka Daman, Enjoy Enjaami and Lehanga were the most-requested songs in regional languages.

Control smart home with voice

  • Customers embraced the simplicity of voice controlling smart home appliances with Alexa by making over 2.6 Lakh requests every day.
  • The Alexa smart home selection increased by 72% YoY with new products under categories such as smart lights, plugs, fans, TVs, security cameras, ACs, water heaters, and air purifiers from brands like Xiomi, One Plus, Hindware, and Atomberg.

A conversation partner like no other

  • From positive morning wishes, to warm farewells, customers love starting and concluding their days with Alexa. They wished “Alexa, good morning” and “Alexa, good night11,520 times every day.
  • It has been a tough year, but we all got through it together by showing love and concern for each other and Alexa. It’s no wonder that customers asked “Alexa, how are you 10,000 times every day.
  • Who doesn’t love getting compliments? And if it’s Alexa doing the tareef, customers love it even more! Customers asked, “Alexa, meri tareef karo” 7,200 times every day.
  • Alexa won a million hearts! Customers continued to express their love to Alexa by saying “Alexa, I love you” and, “Alexa, will you marry me?” each 5,700 times every day.

A trusted source of information

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  • From sports, movie dialogs, and word definitions to tough math problems, weather, and the latest stock market updates, customers quizzed Alexa with a wide range of queries. Alexa fielded 1.7 Lakh requests per day about cricket, Bollywood and Indian festivals.
  • Last two years have been peculiar and tough for many. And Alexa was always around for support and information. During the peak of wave 2, customers asked 11,500 questions every day about Covid, health and wellness related topics.
  • On the Echo devices, Alexa addressed over 4,320 requests per day for festival and puja-related queries such as Diwali, Durga Puja and Navratri, making everyone’s festive season a little more insightful.

Made shopping and paying bills faster

  • With Alexa available on the Amazon shopping app for Android, millions of customers from India interact with Alexa for free from their smartphones.
  • Alexa responded to over 8.6 Lakh requests every day on the Amazon shopping app and helped customers find products, answer product-related questions, pay bills and even play music.