Most people today barely find the time to watch TV at home and cannot always be available to watch a televised show at a specific time of the day. Content consumption patterns have evolved and people prefer to watch on-line content which is flexible and available at any time, from anywhere. However, do you secretly wish you could watch your favourite shows, or YouTube videos on your TV screen, which is bigger and offers a much more immersive experience?

Gone are the days when you would have to empty your account and invest in a smart TV, which continues to remain an expensive appliance. With the help of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, you can view online content directly on your TV screen. Before you rush over to our site to get yourself an early Diwali gift, let’s take a look at what benefits this Fire TV Stick can offer you:

Five reasons why you should bring the Fire TV Stick home for Diwali

  1. Wide collection of digital streaming services on one platform – At any given time of the day, you are probably switching between various OTT platforms deciding which show to watch next, or which new music video to view on YouTube. With Fire TV Stick, you can find apps such as Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Zee 5, Voot, Sony LIV, Sun NXT, YouTube and many more in one place, making it super convenient to choose and switch between the apps.
  2. It is a family affair and there is something for everyone - Watching TV is a family experience and now you can watch your favourite on-line content on TV, instead of trying to huddle in front of a shared laptop or phone. The stick comes with parental control so that you can regulate what content your kids can watch in your absence.
  3. Set it up and start watching in minutes - If too many wires and ports confuse you, thank god for Fire TV Stick, since it is the most convenient to set up. Simply plug it in behind your TV into an HDMI port, turn on the TV and connect to the internet to set up. Start watching content instantly.
  4. Control and customize your data usage - Unlike on TV, you can control your viewing experience and data usage by setting video quality. Keep a track of how much data you are using and set data alerts to ensure you keep your usage incheck.
  5. Let Alexa help you find your content – Amazon’s very own Alexa is built into the remote, that has a voice control feature. Instead of typing out, you can simply ask Alexa to look for your favourite shows and search, play, pause, forward, rewind content with the use of your voice. Sounds super convenient, doesn’t it?

Bring home the absolute best Diwali gift this year and upgrade your viewing experience with the No. 1 bestselling Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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