Unsure how you wish to spend this weekend? Get set for a roller coaster of nostalgia, drama, laughter, music, love and mystery with these upcoming shows and episodes on Prime Video.

The dysfunctional Dholakias

Amazon Original Indian family comedy series: Happy Family Conditions Apply

It’s time to bid adieu (for the time being) to the Dholakia family as Season 1 of Happy Family: Conditions Apply, an Amazon Original comedy series, is coming to an end. Episodes 9 and 10 are scheduled for March 31. The Dholakia family has four generations living under one roof and navigating the many ups and downs of their lives together. They struggle to find harmony between traditional and contemporary values—a reflection of how dysfunctional most families are.

When Rahul talked to people

Rahul Talks To People - Official Trailer | Prime Video India

Popular comedian Rahul Subhramanian is set to tickle your funny bone with Rahul Talks to People. Directed by fellow comedian and Youtuber Biswa Kalyan Rath, the show is a compilation of Rahul’s impromptu interactions with crowds across 5 Indian cities. Expect Rahul to take a jibe at corporate culture, cricket umpiring, stressful jobs, and many more topics in his usual candour. The hour-long stand-up show is premiering globally on Prime Video today.

When dystopia gets an electrifying spin

Amazon original The Power premiering March 31

If mystery and sci-fi get you going, then look no further than Season 1 of Amazon Original The Power. Based on an award-winning science fiction novel of the same name by British author Naomi Alderman, The Power is the story of four adolescent females who mysteriously acquire a rare ability to electrocute people at will. The first three episodes of The Power will exclusively premier on Prime Video on Friday, March 31, with new episodes dropping every subsequent Friday.

The Power - Official Trailer | Prime Video

A freshman’s self-discovery journey

Pitch Perfect, a laugh-out-loud musical comedy that stars Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson, will stream on Prime Video from March 31. The popular teen drama features a rebellious college freshman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she navigates her university’s cappella team.

King Gnu fans assemble

Are you a fan of the popular Japanese band King Gnu? If yes, you cannot miss their 2022 performance at Tokyo Dome (recorded live). Starting March 31, you’ll be able to view 25 of King Gnu’s chartbusters performed over two days last year.

More titles to lighten up your weekend

Last Light is a French thriller series that explores the journey of Andy Yeats (Matthew Fox) while he is trapped in the Middle East amid a global energy crisis. Based on a novel by Alex Scarrow, this thriller series will drop on March 31.

Let satire and history converge with The Great, a comedic drama that chronicles the rise of the young Catherine the Great and her transition from an outsider to the longest reigning female monarch in Russia’s history. You can stream the first two seasons on Prime Video from March 30.

Based on the actual account of a Texas housewife, Love & Death spotlights two church-going spouses who enjoy their smalltown family life until someone pulls up an axe. The pleasant account turns into a thriller mystery that could give you the spooks this weekend.

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