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From the time started in 2013, the company’s approach has been centered around digitizing small and medium businesses to enable the largest selection available to Indian customers. Using technology to remove inefficiencies within the ecosystem, Amazon is steadily building an inclusive digital infrastructure that empowers small businesses and unlocks greater value for its customers.

In 2020, at the inaugural Smbhav Summit, Amazon pledged to digitize 10 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and enable $10 billion in exports from India by 2025 (recently doubled to $20 billion). Taking an important step towards this goal, Amazon has set up an Amazon Digital Kendra in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This move will bring the benefits of technology adoption and e-commerce closer to lakhs of local stores, entrepreneurs, traders, artisans, and weavers across the state.

Amazon has also signed two MoUs with the Government of Uttar Pradesh: 1) to boost exports from the state using e-commerce, and 2) to onboard weavers, artisans, and sellers registered under the One District One Product (ODOP) program on to help them serve customers across India.

"Digitizing small businesses and boosting exports from the state are key focus areas for us, and I would like to commend Amazon for launching initiatives that are aligned with our priorities. Our state departments will work closely with Amazon for the benefit of lakhs of entrepreneurs across Uttar Pradesh. I believe that initiatives like these can help them grow their business and also contribute to growing our state’s economy to $1 trillion by 2027. We are committed to making Uttar Pradesh an attractive business and investment destination,” said Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.

Navneet Sehgal, Additional Chief Secretary, MSME & Export Promotion, Government of Uttar Pradesh, added, “The role that technology has played in the growth of trade and commerce is undeniable, especially in the COVID era. We’ve witnessed how digitisation has supported MSMEs across the country by increasing their efficiency, efficacy, and profitability. This association with Amazon will accelerate the digitisation of lakhs of MSMEs and boost exports from Uttar Pradesh, while promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Digitizing MSMEs in and around Kanpur

Amazon’s newest Digital Kendra is now at Kanpur. This brick-and-mortar resource centre will help digitize lakhs of local stores and SMBs within the city and nearby areas. Bringing ease in availing third party services like shipping and logistics, cataloguing, digital marketing, and GST and taxation, the Digital Kendra will support entrepreneurs in kickstarting their online journeys.

With a mission to digitize over 10 million MSMEs by 2025, the new Digital Kendra in Kanpur will be the second of its kind (the first Digital Kendra launched in Surat) and will act as a one-stop destination for MSMEs in and around Kanpur looking to open online storefronts for their businesses.

Watch the video here —

Digital Kendra Launch - Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Along with creating greater awareness and understanding of e-commerce and exports, the Digital Kendra offers local stores and entrepreneurs the tools to grow their business. Entrepreneurs can also avail onboarding services to register as sellers on, or engagsign up for programs such as Amazon Global Selling, Amazon Pay, Amazon Karigar, Amazon Saheli, I Have Space, and Amazon Easy.

“Our approach at Amazon has always been to use technology to empower local stores, entrepreneurs, and small businesses across India to scale up their business, catering to customers anywhere in India and the world using e-commerce. With this association with the government of Uttar Pradesh and under the guidance and leadership of Shri Yogi Adityanath, we aim to help lakhs of local businesses in the state to benefit from technology adoption and become digital entrepreneurs. These initiatives reflect our commitment to digitise 10 million small businesses, including local stores, and enable $20 billion in e-commerce exports from India by 2025," said Manish Tiwary, Country Manager, India Consumer Business, Amazon India.

Boosting Exports from Uttar Pradesh

Amazon will work with the Government of Uttar Pradesh to train and onboard entrepreneurs on Amazon Global Selling, enabling them to sell their unique Made in India products to millions of Amazon customers across 200+ countries and territories. Amazon Global Selling lowers the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs to expand their business globally from anywhere in India, and benefit from Amazon’s distribution capabilities. Today, there are 1 lakh+ Indian exporters who have surpassed $5 billion in cumulative exports via this program. Thousands of these businesses have been able to create globally loved brands from India through e-commerce exports.

Enabling karigars from UP to sell to customers across India

Amazon will train and onboard artisans, weavers, and MSME sellers registered under the ODOP program on Amazon’s Karigar program. The program was launched in 2016 to uplift the Indian handicraft and handloom sector by catalyzing digitization, skill development, and market linkages for artisans and weavers. Amazon Karigar has launched 450+ unique art and craft forms from over 28 states and union territories so far. Over 30 state government emporiums and 7 government bodies have collaborated with Amazon to reach customers across the country, positively impacting over 13 lakh weavers and artisans across India.

These latest announcements are part of Amazon’s commitment to digitize 10 million small businesses and enable $20 billion in cumulative exports from India by 2025. Amazon has already digitized over 4 million small businesses and enabled $5 billion in e-commerce exports from India.