Since Amazon India’s flagship program – ‘I Have Space’ (IHS) – began in 2015, thousands of entrepreneurs and owners of small, neighbourhood shops have been able to transform their lives. In over 420 cities and towns across the country, the program has helped more than 28,000 partners augment their income by delivering Amazon packages in their neighbourhoods.

For 34-year-old Kapa Harish, owner of Sai Sudha Fancy Store on Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, Amazon’s IHS program has helped turnaround his life, bringing in plenty of positive changes. From struggling financially, he is now able to lead a comfortable life with his wife Navya and daughters Gnapika and Bhavya.

Originally from Madanapalli in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Harish moved to Bengaluru from Chikkaballapur in 2008. His first job in the city was to lay tiles and granite.

Towards financial stability

Harish’s biggest dream was to start his business someday. He opened the Sai Sudha Fancy store in early 2020. However, his big dream was dashed with the outbreak of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. “The lockdown came as a bolt out of the blue. With no steady income and mounting expenses, I was under tremendous stress to stay afloat financially,” he said.

It was at this time he learned about the I Have Space program from his friends. After witnessing firsthand, the transformation that the program brought with it, Harish became an IHS partner in early 2021.

He is now able to single-handedly manage all household expenses, including rent for both his house and shop, and school fees.

Pride, trust and fulfilling dreams

For Harish his family’s safety has always been of utmost importance. Therefore, even while delivering to customers during the second wave of COVID, he wasn’t worried, as he followed all safety precautions recommended by Amazon during his training. He pointed out that it was through Amazon that he got both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

He takes pride in being associated with Amazon. He knows the customers who live in the neighbourhood and remarked that they talk to him politely and thank him for delivering their orders with a big smile on their face. “This just makes my day!” he said.

Harish is now able to not just manage all his expenses but is also able to keep aside a little money as his savings. He now has a new dream of building a home in his village in Andhra Pradesh. To constantly remind him of his dream, his daughter has drawn a cute little house that is now put up on a wall in his rented home.

Kapa Harish’s story is an inspiration to many, and all aspiring ‘I have Space’ Partners can apply here -