It is the thought that counts, as the old saying goes, and never more so when gifting beautifully handcrafted pieces to your dear ones in this season of love and romantic possibilities. From intricately hand embroidered apparel and traditional blue pottery to DIY kits and artifacts from India’s many state emporia, we bring you handmade gifting ideas from Amazon Karigar.

Gift elegant: with blue pottery and ceramics

Traditional blue pottery, ceramics, tiles and terracotta pieces reflect your artistic taste, while elegantly translating your true feelings through your Valentine’s Day (or Vasant Panchami) gift to your significant other. Amazon Karigar features a wealth of traditional and contemporary artisans and design houses offering pottery and ceramic products.

Bhupendra Kumawat of Shivkripa Blue Art Pottery, tells us, “Our hand painted decorative plates and blue pottery tiles are some of our best-selling products on the Amazon Karigar platform. We’ve noted that these two products are particularly favoured by our women shoppers.” We hope the men are listening!

Or take the exquisite pieces created by the Kuprkabi Ceramic Design Studio, founded by Vanmala Jain, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. It is a design house and social enterprise that promotes pottery craft and ceramic art. Says Vanmala Jain, “We specialise in ceramics and work with terracotta, stoneware and porcelain. Our association with Amazon Karigar has been a wonderful experience. It is a great platform to promote handcrafted creations, and we have more than 100 products listed on the website. We look forward to continued support from the team and wish them the very best.”

The proprietor of Aditya Blue Art Pottery, Mr. Girdhar, suggests gifting decorative as well as functional products like blue pottery plates this season. “We also offer blue pottery flower vases, tiles and beautiful wall hanging plates for homes and other living spaces. We have launched exquisite time wear for women this season, and soon plan to launch ceramic jewellery products too.” Now that would make a truly creative and artistic gift for your lady love.

Say it naturally: with wood & natural fibres

You could also go completely natural and eco-friendly with handmade gifts. Neha Rungta of Kopai Paar recommends gifting handmade jute table runners, madur kathi (natural fibre) place mats and table runner sets. You could certainly never go wrong with their handmade, animal shaped cushion toys.

Payal Nath of Kadam Haat, says, “Although our red coloured roti or chapati boxes are our hottest selling products, I would recommend gifting our red bamboo trays this season. We’ve recently launched a very vibrant wall art from Kashmir made with willow wicker, which I personally think would make an absolutely unique V Day gift.”

Handcrafted wooden products are the mainstay of Acacia Wooden Crafts on Amazon Karigar. Says Ashish Das, the proprietor, “Our wooden kitchenware, such as spoons, chopping boards and bowls are highly appreciated by online shoppers. For the coming season, we have plans to launch uniquely designed wooden dinner sets and wine sets. We hope they’ll attract the same response as our bestselling products on Amazon Karigar.” We think so too. A wooden wine set would certainly turn out to be a conversation piece.

Show your love, creatively

Ms. Pooja of Art Bunker, hits the nail on the head when she says, “I think it’s very important to make someone feel special by gifting them something made with your own hands instead of just buying it off the shelf. Handmade gifts are specially appreciated for occasions like Valentine’s Day, and we recommend the DIY gifts displayed on Amazon Karigar. We have a whole range of DIY kits for gifting women, children or your friends and family.”

Most artisans and design studios on the Amazon Karigar platform have launched a number of new gifting ideas this season that you may like to browse and buy for your significant others.

Share your love and your good taste by gifting your dear ones these unique, handcrafted gifts this season.