Over the last 9 years Amazon Global Selling has been connecting Indian businesses to customers across the world. Amazon Global Selling offers tools and solutions that can help Indian entrepreneurs and small businesses with cross-border trade. Since its launch in 2015, Amazon Global Selling has over 125,000 registered exporters from 200+ cities across India who have surpassed $8 billion in cumulative exports from India.

From using quality images to incorporating appropriate keywords, here are some tips to successfully start an online business on Amazon.

Steps to become an exporter on Amazon

Just follow the simple steps given below to become an exporter.

Step 1: Registration

To start the global selling journey, sellers must first register their business on Amazon Seller Central. This can be done by furnishing a valid identity proof (Aadhaar card/ passport/ driving license), address proof (bank statement), and a debit/credit card with international transaction capabilities.

Step 2: Listing

Once registered, sellers can list their products on any or all of the 18 Amazon global marketplaces. Go through the guide to learn how to list products and identify the product IDs for the items that are being sold. The key here is to ensure that the listings are optimised with relevant keywords and descriptions, and accurate product IDs.

Step 3: Logistics

Amazon offers two options to ship orders globally - Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN).

With FBA, sellers can store their products in Amazon’s global fulfilment centres and Amazon packs, ships and provides customer service. Amazon Global Selling SEND supports sellers with end-to-end logistics, including shipping inventory from anywhere in India to its global fulfilment centres.

MFN offers sellers the flexibility to manage shipping process on their own while selling on Amazon’s international marketplaces. With MFN, sellers can list products on these marketplaces and take ownership of end-to-end fulfilment, choosing to use either own logistics or collaborate with third-party providers for shipping and delivery.

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To streamline the shipping process, Amazon provides two key tools within the MFN framework - Shipping Settings Automation (SSA) and Amazon Buy Shipping. The SSA tool calculates transit times automatically, offering an estimate of delivery times based on the pin codes of both your warehouse and that of the customer. Enabling SSA ensures that the delivery promise to customers aligns closely with the actual transit times provided by chosen carriers.

The Amazon Buy Shipping platform allows sellers to purchase shipping labels directly from Amazon's partnered carriers at the lowest available rates. This built-in service enables sellers to buy labels individually or in bulk, facilitating the seamless shipment, confirmation, and tracking of orders on the Amazon platform.

Step 4: Payments

Amazon Global Selling’s built-in currency converter helps sellers overcome challenges with payments. This tool helps them receive payments in their bank accounts (in rupees) within 14 days.

Amazon Pay Balance is a seamless digital payment wallet for all your shopping, bill payments, recharges and more.

Tools and solutions

Amazon offers an array of tools and solutions that help sellers navigate the complexities of international exports. They can leverage tools and solutions on the platform, such as advertising, brand registry and automated pricing, for brand growth on global marketplaces.

Amazon Global Selling SEND is a cross-border shipping solution offering streamlined logistics, providing a cost-variable structure. Even if a business needs to store a single product in the US for a day, it can leverage Amazon's international warehouses and pay solely for that one-day storage. SEND centralises all processes within Seller Central, allowing exporters to effortlessly track shipments, ensure convenient pickup and delivery, and settle logistics charges post-delivery. Moreover, this solution extends its benefits to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) users, facilitating the shipment of small parcels abroad.

The Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) further enriches the exporter's toolkit by identifying a network of third-party service providers. Amazon assists exporters in various aspects, from creating compelling product images to managing the transportation of products to Amazon fulfilment centres. This network ensures a comprehensive support system, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies while relying on specialised service providers for other crucial tasks.

The Export Compliance Dashboard serves as a comprehensive hub, simplifying export documentation and providing guidance on essential requirements throughout the entire export journey. From registration to product and shipping documentation, payment reconciliation, and tax documentation, this one-stop dashboard ensures compliance support. Even Indian businesses not enrolled in the program can access vital information and connect with third-party experts for documentation assistance.