We’ve all experienced that last-minute scramble to complete a payment before the checkout gateway times out. We switch from one app to another, frantically trying to complete the transaction in order to avoid losing out on a good deal.

But what if there was a single solution to rule them all? Meet Amazon Pay Balance, the one-stop solution for all your payment needs. From buying your favourite products on Amazon.in to ordering food, shopping online, booking cabs or paying utility bills, you can use Amazon Pay Balance to do it all. Amazon Pay Balance acts as the one stop payment solution to manage all your daily expenses at one place.

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So, what is Amazon Pay Balance?

Amazon Pay Balance is a fast, secure, trustworthy and rewarding payment instrument, i.e., it can be used for a wide range of things. Amazon Pay Balance also offers several features that can simplify your life. Here’s how:

  • Digital companion: Amazon Pay Balance is like having a digital companion that makes all your daily payments easier and faster. Through this feature, you can make payments on Amazon.in and 10,000+ other affiliated third-party apps and websites by loading your Amazon Pay Wallet. It is powered by two different components: Amazon Pay Wallet and Amazon Pay Gift Cards (issued by Pine Labs).
  • Convenience matters: All you need to do is load your Amazon Pay Wallet using cards / UPI or add Gift Cards to use Balance for seamless payments of your utility bills, to shop on Amazon and on any of your favorite brands and apps online like Uber, Swiggy, Zomato and more. You may even win exciting rewards.
  • Easy Registration: Customers can scan and pay anyone, anywhere, on any QR in just one click. Just complete a quick KYC and turbo charge your Amazon Pay wallet.
  • Assured security: Amazon Pay Balance prioritises the security of your online transactions. Amazon has robust security mechanism and follows leading industry practices in information security like PCI DSS and other online transaction standards prescribed by regulators.
  • Information sharing: Does not share your financial information, including credit card information, with third parties without your prior permission.
Here’s how you can use simple voice commands with Alexa to make payments using Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay with Alexa makes it seamless and convenient to handle your everyday payment needs including bill payments, recharges, and more using UPI.

Benefits of Amazon Pay Balance

Getting started is a breeze: in three simple steps, you’re in. Just enter your identification details, verify your phone number, and begin using by loading money to your Amazon Pay Wallet. Enjoy special rewards in the form of cashback and coupons. Additionally, Amazon Prime members get 5% back on all Uber rides using Amazon Pay Balance (4% Uber Credits + 1% Amazon Pay cash back).

  1. No more worries about payments getting stuck if the receiver is having issues, Amazon Pay Balance has a 99% success rate with near zero payment failures and instant refunds.
  2. With Amazon Pay Balance, you can make fast and seamless payments for shopping, bill payments, and more, on 10,000+ apps without breaking a sweat.
  3. Amazon Pay Balance ensures that your transactions are not just convenient but also secure.


  • How to complete your KYC
    If you have not completed full KYC, follow these simple steps to complete it under 5 minutes:
    1. Log in to Amazon account and navigate to ‘Amazon Pay’ dashboard
    2. Click on ‘Amazon Pay Balance’ button at the top of the page
    3. Click on “Upgrade now” on this page to initiate full KYC
    4. This process is completed in 5 minutes and your KYC status would be updated within 24 hours.
  • How to transfer money from Amazon Pay Wallet to your bank account
    This is the most frequently searched question on the internet. And we’re here to tell you that it’s super simple. Customers who have completed the full KYC will get their UPI handle (mobile#@amazonpay) and can then use their Amazon Pay Wallet to transfer money via UPI to their bank accounts (this does not apply to Amazon Pay Gift card balance).

    Here’s how you can transfer the funds:
    1. Log in to your Amazon account and navigate to the ‘Amazon Pay’ dashboard.
    2. Click on ‘Send Money’.
    3. Select the option ‘To Bank’ and enter your bank details.
    4. Click on ‘Pay Now’ and the balance will be transferred to your bank instantly.