WOW Skin Science launched its first product in 2016. With an intent to deliver premium, vegan, and crueltyfree beauty, WOW Skin Science combined ayurvedic formulas and western herbal preparations to change the natural beauty products market in India.

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Founded by Arvind and Ashwin Sokke, and their business partners Manish and Karan Chowdhary, WOW’s unique formulations stood out in this space against the competition in this space and their ‘customer-first’ strategy brought in high demand. By investing in research and development to create their proprietary ‘mother of vinegar’ extract from raw Himalayan apples, WOW set itself apart from competition. “We are so proud to prove that you can have natural products without harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates or preservatives that actually work!” says Ashwin, adding, "I couldn’t be more proud that WOW is today one of the best-selling shampoos on Amazon, beating the odds that a small team in India could disrupt the global natural beauty market. With close to 11,000 reviews and a 4-star average rating on Amazon, we are excited to be one of the fastest-growing shampoo brands and a natural beauty staple in every household."

Making eff ective yet gentle wellness products accessible to the masses has always been of prime importance to WOW. And, Amazon Global Selling has been integral in WOW’s journey, off ering customers around the world a trusted platform to purchase from, read positive reviews, and deliver WOW Skin Science products. "We’re excited to continue delivering premium quality and natural beauty to customers across the world with Amazon," says Ashwin Sokke.