Trust a team of essential oils’ manufacturers and suppliers to know the secrets to organic, natural beauty. This is the story of how SVA or Sri Venkatesh Aromas Organics, a Delhi based business with 35 years of industry experience to their name, introduced their ‘Sutra of Science’ to the world with the support of Amazon.

The begning of their journey

SVA Organics started its journey with Amazon Global Selling with its launch on the Amazon US Marketplace on November 6, 2017. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality of essential oils in India. They off er a vast catalog of products that include herbal extracts, fragrances, waxes and much more. Today the brand stands a true testament to the fact that organic supplements are the second-most favored product in foreign markets.

Going global with Amazon

Since joining the Amazon Global Selling program in 2017, SVA Organics has witnessed 10X growth in their business, and today, they sell their products exclusively on the Amazon US marketplace, catering to a wide range of customers.

The road ahead

SVA Organics is proud suppliers of high-quality, organic, and certified natural products in almost all sizes, ranging from totes, barrels, gallons, as well as bottles, to meet the demands of their diversified customer base all around the world. Since it started selling on Amazon US marketplace, SVA Organics has been trusted by over thousands of customers in the US.