Amazon India is honoured to be ranked at the third position in Business Today’s India's Coolest Workplaces Survey 2021. Business Today called out how Amazon used technology as a lever to shift to a hybrid model of working and also noted our efforts to build a diverse, agile workforce during the lockdown.

Clarity of company goals, growth opportunities, and flexibility at work are some of the reasons why employees feel Amazon is the top employer in India.

At Amazon, we strive to be a top employer for diverse talent and believe that representation is critical to accomplishing this goal. Diverse leaders attract and retain diverse talent.

Bucking the trend of massive job losses across industries, Amazon India, not only honoured all past hiring commitments, but also created over 70,000 seasonal positions across operations network and customer service.

As part of the Survey, companies were evaluated based on four parameters - People Growth Initiative; Going Beyond Business; Wellbeing Initiative and Engagement & Connect. While the ‘People Growth Initiative’ parameter considers factors such as clarity of goals, processes and policies, as well as growth and learning opportunities; ‘Going Beyond Business’ is focused on innovation, inclusion, resilience, among other factors. Workload and flexibility, wellbeing, hygiene, safety, and access to facilities falls under ‘Wellbeing Initiative’. Companies are evaluated for Engagement & Connect based on ease of operating in the workplace, collaboration tools, etc.

In one of the most difficult years for businesses, we’re proud that Amazonians worked hard to build resilience and agility, making a real difference to the lives of our customers.

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