I joined Amazon on a bright Monday morning in December 2016 and 24 hours later had the most “Peculiar” encounter. I walked into a Tuesday weekly Business Review – a room full of people and 70 plus slides of metrics that reiterated the organization’s commitment to tracking and working customer backwards.

Unnerved and feeling like a fool, I grabbed a pen and started writing down the acronyms, but gave up a few minutes later – while the metrics baffled me, was floored by the ability of people in the room to call out their mistakes and most importantly make amends without being bombarded or criticized for failing.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish…So don’t be afraid to fail and learn and dust your knees and try again

Thus began my journey as the leader of the Seller Enablement organization at Amazon – a team that helps acquire and launch sellers, spread awareness of both the Amazon brand and seller tools, and most importantly drive seller success through services, compliance and data quality.

My proudest moment at Amazon came a couple of days later when I spent an entire day at a Fulfillment Centre picking, packing and making deliveries to customers. The joy of an auto ride with the Bangalore winds rushing through my hair and seeing a customer smile was nothing short of divine. This coupled with launching the Saheli program at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in November 2017, and being part of empowering thousands of women sellers to sell on Amazon have been immensely gratifying.

Subsequently too there have been many moments of truth that have helped me piece my Day 1 encounters better but it wouldn’t be unfair to say that there is never a dull day at Amazon and what keeps the adrenaline rushing is the opportunity to solve diverse problems at scale.

The icing on the cake - being tightly strung together as an organization, by a set of guiding Leadership Principles that keep us honest and committed to our customers, our culture which values inclusion and right to a voice as much as it values performance, and most importantly for me - a super team to die for ! :-)

(Archana Vohra no longer works with Amazon India)