Amazon’s customer obsession is the stuff that legends are made of. And now, with the Virtual Customer Service (VCS) program, we are taking customer service home. So what is VCS exactly? In essence, Amazon VCS hires customer service associates around the country to work from home. This enables Amazon to tap into additional talent pockets and scale at a much faster pace. At the same time, it contributes significantly towards realizing Amazon’s vision of being the earth’s most customer centric company.

A win-win proposition
Amazon VCS is creating an income opportunity for a section of the Indian workforce that, for some reason or another, is homebound. From homemakers, stay at home parents and new mothers to those who simply prefer to work from the comfort and flexibility of their homes, VCS is an opportunity for everyone to earn a sustainable income without the stress of long commutes, traffic congestions, and having to strictly compartmentalize one’s life into work and home. A true example of tech-led work life integration, a clarion call of the new workforce around the world, VCS supports customer service associates with operational and tech support as well as IT back up to ensure that customer service runs as seamlessly and effectively as it would if the employees were onsite in an Amazon customer service centre.

Not a lonely job
Working from home can appear to be a lonely job for many, with less collaboration and communication with onsite teams. This, however, is far from true in the case of Amazon VCS. One of VCS’ guiding lights is strong collaboration among its remote workforce. Not just constant communication, remote VCS employees are also part of regular employee engagement activities and rewards & recognitions that keep them on their toes and engaged in Amazon’s customer-centric environment and winning culture at all times.

Growing from strength to strength
Following close on the heels of the rapid growth of Amazon India’s customer service business unit in Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore and Noida, the VCS practice too is growing at a rapid pace around the country. In 2017 alone, VCS grew to three times its size and with more opportunities opening through 2018, this growth shows no sign of slowing down.
VCS is a sign of the times. It signals that amazing customer experiences are possible without the workforce giving on its personal needs and commitments. A win-win proposition if there ever was one, VCS paves the way for happier employees and happier customers. What’s not to love?