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Should healthcare be driven by profit over patient care? Can the interests of all stakeholders in the healthcare chain be aligned towards the well-being of the patient? How practical an ideal is a not-for-profit healthcare system? Dr. Sumanth Raman examines these questions, the healthcare system in India, and the role of technology, and attempts to find answers in his upcoming book, ‘The Profit Conundrum in Healthcare’, due to be released on Prime Day.

A consultant in internal medicine, Dr. Raman been one of the pioneers in the field of healthcare IT in India. His experience practicing medicine in India for over three decades has made him a passionate evangelist for reforms in healthcare, especially using technology. He is a well-known television anchor and political commentator, and he regularly contributes to leading national publications.

'Making healthcare accessible, affordable and of better quality'

“I have been writing about how to make healthcare accessible, affordable and of better quality to more people in our world for a long time. Many of my articles have appeared in newspapers like The Hindu. It is my desire to be able to highlight how the present healthcare delivery model is broken for the majority, and how very little is being done to change this in countries like India.” he says.

Writing during the pandemic was easier for him, not only because healthcare is a topic close to his heart, but also because he found less distractions, and not many places to go to. “As I have enough space at home to be able to write in peace without being disturbed, I found that I was more productive as a writer than before.

An avid reader, his most recent reading picks are on philosophy, the mind-brain interaction and about religion, such as The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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