Amazon India has announced the launch of its first-ever Global Month of Volunteering (GMV) in India, an initiative that will see its 100,000+ employees across the country join forces to volunteer their time to support and empower local communities.

In line with its commitment to local communities, Amazon has identified three priority areas—education, sustainability, and disaster relief—where volunteering initiatives can have a deeper impact. In India, Amazon has partnered with 15+ local non-profit organizations to curate over 70 meaningful volunteering activities across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru.

Employees can volunteer their time in person or virtually, supporting activities such as mentoring and tutoring students, cleaning up beaches, creating educational resources for kids, preparing seed balls, and helping pack food kits for disaster relief, among other things. Business leaders, teams, and employees are encouraged to engage with their local communities and find ways to give back and participate using their unique skills and interests.

As part of the initiative, Amazon India also unveiled a flagship volunteering anthem called Neki Kar (Be Kind), on August 12.

Neki Kar - Amazon's Global Month of Volunteering

Manish Tiwary, Vice President and Country Manager, India Consumer Business, Amazon India, says, "A thriving community is the key to a strong nation. In the last two years, the global pandemic has adversely affected communities around us; the power of all of us as Amazonians coming together multiplies our ability to give back to society. Together, we have a significant opportunity to help build resilient communities and contribute to the future of India's growth story this Independence Day and beyond."

Adding that Amazon's leadership team was the first to sign up for various volunteering activities, Manish says, "Over the years, Amazon has been focused on creating the best customer experiences for Indians across the country. At the same time, we believe every business and individual can contribute in diverse ways to our communities. And with the Global Month of Volunteering, we aim to create a culture of volunteering within Amazon. The Global Month of Volunteering will give our leaders and employees the opportunity to come together and lay the foundation for that."

Global Month of Volunteering is a part of Amazon's global commitment to support the communities our employees live and work with.