P. Krishnaiah, from Hayathabad, Telangana cannot go to work due to a disability. His wife is a daily wage earner, and their son goes to school. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck and lockdown began, his wife lost her work, and putting food on the table became a tough task. Stories like that of Krishnaiah are not isolated. Many others like him struggled to make ends meet during the lockdown that was an aftermath of the pandemic. During this time AWS InCommunities took various efforts to help fellow citizens, especially frontline workers.

Donation of dry ration, gloves, masks, PPE kits

AWS in communities Telangana - a woman receiving dry ration

Curtailing spread and helping families survive

There were many families in Hayathabad, a business-hub in Telangana, who like Krishnaiah's received their dry ration supplies during a difficult time. Sajeeda Begum, 6th Ward Member of the Hayathabad Gram Panchayat, said, “The provision of dry rations (from AWS) was a timely help for us and the distribution of PPE kits to nearly 400 households meant granting support to the most vulnerable members of our community.” Pointing out that the hygiene kits came at the right time, as ASHA workers and gram panchayat staff were meant to conduct a household survey of the villages, Santoshi Vittal, Sarpanch at Chegur Gram Panchayat, explains, “The PPE kits saved many lives while playing a crucial role in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 and other infections.”
Bhagya Laxmi, an Anganwadi teacher from the Medipally Gram Panchayat, says, “Parents were jobless and struggled to feed their children. While we provided food every day as per the government’s directives, doing it in a hygienic manner was critical; the supply of gloves and masks (from AWS) helped us do this.”

Inside the COVID Ambulance supporetd by AWS
The ambulance that was donated by AWS InCommunities.

In Mumbai, besides donating PPE kits for more than 1000 frontline workers, AWS also donated an ambulance, which now serves to bring COVID-19 patients to Government hospitals daily. AWS also assisted with four 100-bed Isolation Centres in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Over 5,000 COVID-19 patients and suspected cases have benefitted from these centres in Navi Mumbai. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai Government hospitals, supported by AWS with emergency medical equipment, have also provided emergency care to more than 10,000 patients.

Emergency medical equipment at the Isolation Centre

ICU at Kondapur by set up by AWS
An ICU Ward at Kondapur that was supported by AWS InCommunities.

In Telangana, AWS InCommunities helped equip an Isolation Centre in Kondapur’s district hospital with emergency medical equipment. “An ICU bed can cost Rs. 30,000–100,000 a day in Hyderabad. The support of ICU equipment and an advanced life support ambulance in a government hospital have helped underprivileged patients, who cannot afford the prohibitive costs of private hospitals. I really appreciate Concern India Foundation and Amazon Web Services for their contribution,” said Dr. S. Shiva Kumar, Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Specialist, Civil Assistant Surgeon, Government Hospital, Kondapur. The medical equipment support and three ambulances provided by AWS will benefit more than 1,500,000 people in Telangana.

Govt recognizes AWS efforts

Recognising the efforts that AWS took to help hospitals and the community, Sabita Indra Reddy, Minister of Education, Telangana said, "Instead of going to private hospitals in Hyderabad, COVID-19 patients can now utilize the facilities at Chevella Government Hospital free of cost. AWS had ensured that the Chevella Community Hospital in Rangareddy district received a well-equipped ICU and ambulance.” Anjaiah Yadav, MLA from Shadnagar town in Telangana, said the ambulance that was donated with emergency equipment including a ventilator “saved the lives of many critical care patients.”

Right from the time when the pandemic first hit in 2020, Amazon India supplier network and fulfillment expertise has enabled the delivery of dry ration kits, gloves, masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, and other critical medical aid across these regions. AWS collaborated with Concern India Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to assist local administrative bodies in their fight against COVID-19.
AWS, in coordination with ACT Grants and Concern India Foundation has also extended sponsorship to set up five oxygen plants in Government hospitals in India. These oxygen plants, that range from 500 LPM to 1000 LPM in capacity, will further strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in the country.

Amazon India’s relief efforts continue, and we are grateful to play a small part in the COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts. Along with our partners, including governmental and non-governmental organisations, we continue to strive for a better tomorrow.