While the country is gripped by COVID-19 crisis, many people are in need of basic essentials such as food and shelter. We have partnered with Akshaya Patra to launch an ‘Essentials Box’ Donation program where an Amazon customer can place a pre-paid order for essentials box with the willingness to donate it.

The essentials box contains basic non-perishable grocery items like Rice, Dal and Sugar sourced from one of our private brands suppliers. The contents of the box can serve up to 20 meals. We plan to help serve one million meals through the program over the next 4 weeks.

Essentials Box Image

Customers can add the essentials box to their cart and checkout along with their regular order, or place an order separately. All orders under this donation program will be shipped to our partner NPO – Akshaya Patra Foundation in NCR who are actively engaged in COVID-19 relief feeding program.

Speaking about this program, Gaurav, one of our customers from Bangalore said, “I donated a box of essentials to the needy via Amazon. The best part was that I could help someone in need while practicing social distancing, which is so important to keep the virus at bay.”

Join us in our journey to serve a million meals in the next 4 weeks.