Being a successful content creator is a lot more than simply making popular videos – it is about being dedicated, disciplined, organised and confident while thinking of ways to adapt, collaborate, be creative and grow. These are life skills that make you Ready for Life, not just for content creation.

In a world where video consumption has replaced most of our sources of entertainment and information, video content creation is no longer just a hobby but an increasingly mainstream skill with multiple thriving career options associated with it.

This holiday season, Amazon has tied up with Toiing to give its customers a gift of the art of video content creation in the form of an exclusive live online workshop featuring Cyrus Broacha on creating stop-motion and unboxing videos.

This workshop covers a small part of Toiing’s YouTube Champ Camp with Cyrus Broacha – India’s first course that teaches kids all about planning, shooting and editing videos in over 12 different formats. The course also helps kids develop life skills like planning, collaboration, creative thinking, storytelling & public speaking.

So this time around, make a gift of a new age skill and book your place on the stop-motion & unboxing videos workshop worth Rs. 2000 – for FREE!

The workshop includes:

· 90-minute live online session for 8-10 kids
· How to make stop motion videos
· Making a stop motion video in class
· How to make unboxing videos

Just click on the link below to register and pick a date and time of your convenience to schedule your demo class.


Here’s a quick checklist of things you’ll need for the session:

  • Microsoft Teams App: Download the app on your desktop/laptop using link:
  • Smartphone with Stop Motion Studio App: Download using link:
  • DIY Tripod: Wooden Ruler/ Flat Pan Turner or Spatula, Scrunchie or Rubber Band, 4 Thick Books
  • Keep the tripod ready with the help of this video:
  • Stop Motion Movie Props: Chart Paper (any colour) or white paper, Scissors, Crayons or Coloured Papers

The only course on Video Content Creation for Kids in India is now available for purchase on Amazon!


Just ideate, create, shoot!