It’s said that none of us is as strong as all of us, and never has this rung more true than during recent events. Thanks to governments, companies and citizens worldwide rallying around India to help the country overcome its harrowing second wave of COVID-19, daily cases have dropped from a terrifying 4 lakhs in late April and early May.

Here at Amazon India, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing this superhuman strength while working with NGOs, hospitals, local governments, communities and other partners in the fight. As one of the first responders to the crisis, our journey has given us a ringside view of the bravery, generosity and resilience that has buoyed the country through the wave. Now, as we hopefully move towards brighter times, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the contributions of all those who were involved in Amazon-facilitated efforts.

Coming together as a community to fight Covid-19 | Amazon In The Community

Here are five highlights among the many achievements that this united front pulled off together over the past few months, to impact over 3.7 million lives – thank you to everyone who helped; we are grateful to have worked with you.

#1 Investing over INR 100 cr in COVID relief efforts, impacting more than 350 hospitals, healthcare facilities, NGOs and community partners

As we contributed swiftly towards relief efforts, it was this network of hospitals, healthcare facilities, NGOs and community partners that helped distribute the relief to where it would make a vital difference. One executive at social enterprise LabourNet summed up the impact: “[This] has helped high-risk patients recover, reduce the burden on hospitals and, most importantly, prevent hundreds of unnecessary deaths.”

#2 Getting over 7,100 units of critical medical equipment to 450 pincodes in 26 states

From Poonch in J&K to Porompat in Manipur, frontliners and back-office operators across the country pitched in to help us send more than 7,100 oxygen concentrators, BiPaps and ventilators to where they were most needed. Over 73% of these deliveries were non-metro, reaching even the most rural of communities.

#3 Raising over INR 5 cr in customer and employee donations

Even amidst their own challenges, people found strength to care for others. We saw remarkable generosity from customers and employees around the globe when we championed donation initiatives for partners such as Swasth Digital Health Foundation, Give Foundation, AkshayPatra, United Way Mumbai, Habitat for Humanity, Goonj and HelpAge India, raising more than INR 5 cr for COVID relief initiatives cumulatively.

#4 Supplying more than 1,500 meals a day to marginalized groups

The NGOs and community organizations we worked with on the ground through the crisis helped guide us to oft-neglected groups that needed urgent aid. In Bangalore, India’s second-worst-hit city, this led to us partnering with AkshayPatra and BBMP, the Bangalore municipal body, to provide overworked crematorium workers and hearse van drivers at 14 crematoriums with necessary nourishment – about 1,500 hot and freshly cooked meals a day for a month.

#5 Supporting over 40 community vaccination centers and health centers

Even as the second wave subsides, we need continued collaboration to make sure our health system is in a stronger place for the future. With GIVE India and Doctors For You, we’re working to build capacity and strengthen existing infrastructure, as well as support 10 community vaccination centers across Bangalore. We’re also partnering 30 primary health centers to help with training and incentives for frontline workers so that together, we can go on to do more, and to do better.

To learn more about all our Covid-19 efforts, head here.