saw its biggest Great Indian Festival celebration, with record sales across popular categories in the sale from October 10 – 15 preceded by a 12-hour Prime Early Access.

Key Highlights

· Smartphones had their biggest season ever with Xiaomi selling over 1 million devices in a day; OnePlus with sales of over Rs. 400 crore in a day and premium phones sales exceeding a month of all India online sales
· Large Appliances sales in a single day exceeded that of entire first wave for last festive sale; with
more than 50% of sales coming from Tier 2 & below towns
· Fashion emerged as the biggest category in terms of units sold and new customers acquired, with 63% orders coming from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities
· Biggest ever day for all Amazon Devices with All New Echo Dot selling out within 48 hours!

Budgets did not get in the way of shopping

· Over 70% of EMI customers who shopped came from Tier 2 & below towns
· Purchases on EMIs grew to 12X over an average business day and 2X over last year, both in terms of number of customers and EMI value
· 3 out 4 customers who shopped using EMIs availed the benefit of No-cost EMIs across Credit, Debit, Bajaj Finserv cards and Amazon Pay EMIs.
· Every 2nd iPhone X was sold on EMIs

Amazon Pay

• 3X increase in the Amazon Pay daily active users compared to an average business day
• 3.5X increase in customers using UPI & RuPay for their electronic transactions compared to an average business day
• 1 in every 3 electronic transactions was using Amazon Pay balance for a convenient one click payment
• 5X increase in Prepaid Recharges compared to wave 1 of the Great Indian Festival in 2017
• 3.5X more customer bought Amazon gift cards to gift their loved ones this Diwali

Everyone loves Prime!

· Prime members shopped more during Prime Early Access than on any previous day since the launch of Prime in India
· Prime sign-ups surged nearly 3X, including largest signups on any day outside of Prime Day ‘18.
· Prime Video had the highest number of weekly streamers ever, in the week of the Amazon Great Indian Festival

Categories customers loved –


· Amazon Exclusives OnePlus 6 and Redmi 6A were the Number 1 selling premium and affordable smartphones respectively in the entire smartphone industry
· Xiaomi phones on registered a 200% growth over last year’s Great Indian Festival while the growth for OnePlus was 100%
· Amazon provided free 1-year screen protection Insurance worth over INR 500 Cr.


· sold twice as many 32” TVs on Day 1 of the first Great Indian Festival as all of India usually buys in 1 day
· sold out all Xiaomi TVs on flash sale in less than 10 sec on Prime Early Access Sale
· Smart TVs continue to grow at a rapid pace and saw 200% growth over the first wave of last year’s Great Indian Festival.
· Xiaomi was the top selling brand of Smart TVs on the back of its recently launched Pro series which are Patch wall with Android Smart TVs

Large Appliances

· 1 in every 3 large appliances sold came from our exclusives portfolio from brands such as BPL, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch, IFB, Godrej, Voltas & Daikin
· Almost 50% of customers purchased Large Appliances on EMIs this Great Indian Festival, while 1 in every 4 customers upgraded their refrigerators & washing machines through exchange offers
· on sold as many dishwashers as are sold across the country in two weeks

Consumer Electronics

· sold more headphones during this event than what the entire industry sells in 60 days
· sold more Bluetooth Speakers during this event than what the entire industry sells in 45 days

Home & Kitchen:

· In this Great Indian Festival, Home & Kitchen Appliances grew 5x YoY driven by strong growth in Water Purifiers, Mixer Grinders and Water heaters category. We sold 1 mixer grinder every 4 seconds and 1 iron every 10 seconds during the first 2 days of the sale event driven by brand like Prestige, Bajaj, Philips and Lifelong.
· Cookware & dining grew 6x as compared to last Great Indian Festival, driven by growth in gas stoves and kitchen containers.
· Furniture sales grew 4x versus last Diwali driven by Sofas, Beds, Mattresses and Dining Sets.
· Sales of Bathroom Fixtures recorded 400% growth & Cleaning Supplies recorded 200% growth YoY.
· Over 10,000 customers chose a go-green lifestyle through purchase of live plants in the Amazon Great Indian Festival.

Amazon Fashion:

· Amazon Fashion has had its biggest celebration ever, clocking a 2.2X jump over wave 1 of the Great Indian Festival last year
· Women shoppers loved their shoe shopping at Amazon Fashion with 4.25X jump over last year
· Top brands on Amazon Fashion spiked exponentially with key brands clocking extraordinary growth over normal business. W for Woman clocked 9X jump, Bata 14X, Clarks at 12X, Pepe Jeans spiked 13X, Casio grew 11X, Puma 8X, Titan 9X and Shoppers Stop brand spiked 8X vs daily business.
· Luggage and travel gear saw a 2.3X over wave 1 of the Great Indian Festival last year
· Customer took to festive shopping with jewelry recording a 3X jump

Amazon Devices


· Customers loved the All New Echo Dot that sold out within 2 days of Great Indian Festival Sale. The All New Echo Dot continues to see huge demand

Fire TV Stick

· Amazon sold 50% more Fire TV sticks than the entire Great Indian Festival last year. Fire TV Stick sales was 22X compared to an average business day.


· This Great Indian Festival was the biggest week for Kindle devices for entire 2018

Kindle Unlimited

· Kindle Unlimited annual subscription sold 4X more than BAU
· Kindle eBooks on promotion sold 11X more than BAU

Alexa Built-in Devices

· This Diwali was the biggest for Alexa-enabled devices that included devices from INR 699 to 79,999 across different form factors like headphones and speakers. We sold 20 times more than an average business day with Bose QC35 being the top selling product.

Amazon Brands

· Customers shopped for 200 different types of product offerings from the Amazon Brands stable
· Amazon Brands saw its best performance ever with 11X jump over last Great Indian Festival
· AmazonBasics grew 10X over last Great Indian Festival with product lines such as cables, chairs, safes, backpacks and camera accessories doing especially well
· Solimo grew 13X over last Great Indian Festival with product line such as tea lights, comforters, bedsheets and kitchen appliances seeing a boost
· Vedaka Dal was the leading brand in the daily essentials category and Solimo Almonds the largest selling in Nuts and Dry Fruits category

Daily Essentials

· With the lowest price of the year on 15000+ daily essentials, sold 1000+ grocery units every minute of every hour on Day1!
· Diwali cleaning seems to be on everyone’s mind, with Detergents, Household cleaners & Hand washes selling 7x more

Amazon Pantry

· It was a “Pulse” affair at with Pantry selling dals to cater approximately 60,000 families in India for a week.
· It was a sweet affair at with Pantry selling enough sugar for approximately 75,000 families in India for a day

Personal Care Appliances

· During the Great Indian Festival, customers bought 1 in every 2 Philips Trimmers sold in India on


· If all the Lego Bricks bought from Amazon India during Great Indian Festival were stacked, the tower so formed would be taller than Burj Khalifa

· India's largest Beauty store on saw a huge surge in demand with around 4X jump
· Makeup products grew by over 4X with Kajals & lipsticks painting India black & red
· Daily care essentials like Shampoos and conditioners saw a 5X jump in sales
· With the winter season setting in, body lotions saw a 6X growth led by Vaseline & Nivea
· This festival & wedding season, we saw sale of international perfumes grow by 5X


· Automotive enthusiasts chose as the preferred online store with sales in Motorbike accessories growing by 3 times versus last Diwali, driven by Helmet sales. Tyres also saw a whopping jump in sales by growing 10x YoY.

Sports & Fitness

· Fitness became a lifestyle habit for customers with sales in the category growing 4 times versus last Great Indian Festival. Treadmills and Exercise Bikes saw a tremendous growth of 7X and 4X respectively.

Amazon Launchpad

· Amazon Launchpad saw a 4X jump in sales during Amazon Great Indian Festival
· Wakefit, Sleepyhead Home Décor, Procus and Tagg emerged as the top performing start-ups during Great Indian Festival

Quirky facts from the Great Indian Festival

· All Fire TV sticks sold during the Great Indian Festival equals the length of 150 AirBus A380s.
· If we stacked all the Echo devices sold during the Amazon Great Indian Festival, it would be 10 times taller than the Eiffel Tower
· customers bought enough cleaning products on Day 1 to clean 1M households in India.
· customers bought enough tea & coffee during the festive period to serve 15 million cups of the same
· We sold enough razors & blades to make 50 million men in India look dapper.
· We sold pet food weighing more than a fully-occupied Boeing 777 plane!
· In the last 24 hours Amazon sold enough Diwali string lights to light up Mount Everest top to bottom.
· sold enough dumbbells and home gyms to equal the weight of two Boeing 747 aircraft.