In this critical hour when hospitals across India are facing a severe shortage of oxygen supplies to treat COVID patients, good Samaritans from the country and the world have stepped forward to help fight the crisis. Impact organisations like Swasth Digital Health Foundation and ACT Grants are helping to get oxygen concentrators to hospitals in remote locations. In this hour of need, oxygen concentrators bring the promise of saving thousands of lives battling the deadly disease by bolstering the resource crunch faced by many healthcare facilities.

Oxygen concentrators are alternative devices to oxygen cylinders. While cylinders contain a fixed amount of oxygen, a concentrator can recycle oxygen from the air, making it easier for COVID patients to breathe. Concentrators can help hospitals, especially far-flung facilities with limited resources, to manage their own oxygen supply without depending on external help.

Let us help India breathe

Amazon has also stepped into the arena to help alleviate the crisis that millions of Indians are currently grappling with. In partnership with Milaap, South Asia’s largest fundraising platform, Amazon has committed to crowdfund and support Swasth Digital Health Foundation and ACT Grants in their noble mission. As part of Mission Vayu, it has also joined hands with various industry partners and NGOs to urgently bring in oxygen concentrators into India.

“COVID-19 has impacted India in unimaginable ways. We are touched by the numerous requests from those concerned about how to support during these trying times. We are supporting this crowdfunded initiative to enable all of us to make a real difference on the ground through generous contributions. We stand firmly with the country, and continue to explore every meaningful way to help,” shares Amit Agarwal, Global SVP and Country Head, Amazon India.

Milaap has so far raised over Rs 130 Crore in support of COVID-19 initiatives. Over 13,000 donors have already supported the initiative to procure oxygen concentrators, raising over 7.7 Crore rupees. Donations have been pouring in from all parts of the country and abroad.

You can help too

A single low-flow oxygen concentrator carries with it the power to treat and save the lives of up to 900 patients with mild to moderate illness. One such low-flow concentrator comes at a cost of INR 45,000. For humanitarian missions like that conducted by the Swasth Digital Health Foundation and ACT Grants, every penny counts.

Donations in INR on the Milaap platform are tax deductible; and donors outside India are welcome to chip in too. International donors can consider bank transfers as well as wire options.

Be a part of this mission and support the deployment of oxygen concentrators to save lives.

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