An ongoing debate in the tech market is the essence, efficiency and functionality of a smart speaker Vs. that of a bluetooth speaker. Change is the only constant and with time, we need to change and adapt to new advancements and alter our lifestyles to an extent where we are living the best life possible. A smart speaker comes with a highly efficient Artificial Intelligence technology, which has been built into Alexa that gives a smart speaker multiple benefits when compared to a normal Bluetooth speaker.

Here are 5 reasons why we think a Smart speaker with Alexa is better than a bluetooth speaker:

1. Voice recognition

Alexa or the AI virtual assistant comes with a voice recognition feature that once set up will enable you to have a completely hands-free experience. Rather than searching for your favourite song on the phone and draining its battery in the process, you can just ask the smart speaker to play your song. It also allows you to pause and play according to your preferences. It reduces your dependency on the phone (added benefit of helping you reduce the strain on your eyes) and helps you multitask like a boss!

2. Don’t wait to listen to your jam!

Downloading multiple apps to access different kinds of music is a waste of time, space and energy. Instead, with the smart speaker, all your streaming apps are in one place! The smart speaker has access to all of the top music streaming apps such as Prime Music, Gaana, Savn, Spotify, Hungama and Apple Music! Jam to despacito, rap with Eminem, groove to Drake and shake your body to some amazing indian beats depending on your mood and enjoying the hands-free experience!

3. Sound quality

Most of the bluetooth speakers are marketed for their sound quality. Smart speakers, additionally, come with a powerful bass, loud sound and crisp vocal features that make it the best choice in the market for a great music experience. You will never have trouble if your phone is away from the speaker unlike the bluetooth speaker where the sound quality degrades and cracks when the phone is taken far away. If you like listening to different genres of music, if you enjoy dancing / singing, a smart speaker is for you. Starting your day with zumba tracks to listening to Mohd. Rafi songs while sipping tea - a smart speaker will make your musical journey way more enjoyable!

4. Smart System

A smart speaker comes with additional benefits in line with the latest technology enabling everyone to improve their lifestyles and live life in the most efficient, effective and aesthetic manner. With Alexa, turning your home into a smart home just takes a few minutes! From controlling the lighting in your house hands-free to asking for any kind of information ranging from news to kids content - Alexa is your one stop solution to everything you need! She’s an interactive AI that behaves and responds, exclusively for you.

5. Additional features

One of the added benefits of the smart speaker is that you get to use it as a bluetooth speaker as well! It’s the best of both worlds and a smart speaker will come to your rescue for absolutely any situation. You can pair the smart speaker up with your phone and directly play music or have it mimic a home theatre while you binge watch your favourite Tv show or movie!