The words summer vacation and staying do not go hand-in-hand. Not for kids at least. Keeping kids entertained at home is no mean feat. Even a superhero like yourself needs a break. Here’s how your trusty sidekick Alexa (on your Echo Smart Speaker) comes to the rescue to make this a memorable staycation!

1. Asking too many questions? (as they rightly should!)

Get your child to ask questions to Alexa instead! Just have them ask “Alexa, teach me about lions?” or “Alexa, teach me about Jupiter”. If they get bored of asking questions Alexa can keep them entertained with animal sounds. Get them to say “Alexa, roar like a lion!” or “bark like a dog” to listen. She will play along with sounds of elephants, tigers, fish among others. This should keep them entertained for a while.

2. Discover the singing talent in them! You can join in on the fun too

Remember singing Lakdi Ki Kathi or Nani Teri Morni when you were kids. Get Alexa to teach and sing along with your little ones. All they have to say is “Alexa, play nani teri morni” or “Alexa, play lakdi ki kathi”. If you think these songs won’t interest them you can always say “Alexa, play baby shark” or “Alexa, play nursery rhymes” and join them in singing along. Better yet, host a karaoke session with your Echo Show Device and have them sing along with on-screen lyrics! Once they’re done, get Alexa to give them a round of applause, they deserve it!

3. Too much energy and nothing to do to let it out?

Is your child running from room to room because they have too much pent-up energy? Alexa can take care of that too! Just say “Alexa, start animal workout” and a fun exercise routine which teaches them about animals, with music begins. This should keep those energy levels at bay!

4. It’s not all fun and games. They’re brains need to workout too!

Alexa’s games will get those brain juices flowing. Just say “Alexa, let’s play a game” and you can choose from a list of games like memory games, riddle games or word games. Some other games you choose from are Akinator (Alexa guesses a personality you’re thinking about), Magic Door (An adventure game of choices), True or False (a game to test your GK) or even the number guessing game.

5. Pestering for more stories? Alexa is the best storyteller!

Does your child love listening to stories and always wants just one more? Just say “Alexa, tell me a story” or “Alexa, tell me a bedtime story”. If they get bored, just ask for another story! If they have a favorite character and want to know more, just say “Alexa, tell me about Harry Potter” or “Alexa, tell me about Red Riding Hood”.


Can’t remember all the skills you just read about when you need to engage your child? Create a Routine!

It’s not easy to think of something to do everyday, instead create a routine on your Alexa app. Alexa can announce its story time at 11 am everyday and tell a story. You can also schedule the animal workout to start at 4:30 pm everyday, and you can even customize it to have Alexa say “It’s time to exercise little one” to get your child in the mood to exercise. You can do all this and more using routines.