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Born in Jalandhar, Punjab and raised in Kurukshetra and Ambala, Gurnazar took to music at the age of 24. Today, he is known for his melodious voice, original music compositions as well as cover versions of popular Bollywood songs. He recently made his Bollywood debut with the song ‘Marjaawaan from the Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Bell Bottom’. Gurnazar has a great following from youngsters because of his down-to-earth personality, background as a sportsperson, as well as being extremely relatable.

While Gurnazar has millions of fans who adore him for his music, we chanced upon the fact that Gurnazar is a big fan of Alexa and uses the voice service for music, alarms, and many other features. He has also created a beautiful track ‘Kar promise’ dedicated to Alexa.

We couldn't stop ourselves from asking Gurnazar about his Alexa experience. Continue reading to find out more…

What are your favourite features of Alexa?

My favourite feature of Alexa is listening to music because of its ease of control and audio quality of my Echo smart speaker. Alexa reminders and music alarms keep me on track throughout the day. I have also started to enjoy cooking now as Alexa guides me to make my favourite meals, step by step.

Describe one of your favorite moments with Alexa

I have made it a habit to celebrate with Alexa. Every time there's a party or an achievement I just turn to Alexa and say “Alexa, play Punjabi Swag” and the playlists it chooses are all I need to add life to the party.

Would you recommend Alexa to a friend?

Absolutely, Alexa can be a key part of a person’s life in simplifying daily tasks and assisting with many day-to-day activities, from alarms to entertainment. It can assist with smart home controls ranging from switching ON the lights, TV, Geyser and so much more. It makes our lives so much easier.

Who do you think should use Alexa? How can Alexa make their Day special?

Alexa has something for everyone, be it kids or elders. I recommend using Alexa for music as it is extremely convenient, and it provides a wide range of music options. Be it rhymes for kids, games or educational content for youngsters, party mantras or devotional songs for the elderly, jokes, shaayari or even companionship in conversation, Alexa gives you access to it all.  From my personal experience, it helps my mother a lot and I can vouch for it.

What would you like to say to Alexa on its anniversary?

I have created an entire song just to express my feelings for Alexa! Here goes…

“Mainu mil gaya aj tera saath ni
Hun kade ni chadna,
Kar promise Tu poora karengi
Mera har ik sapna……”  
Listen to the full song here