In these unprecedented times, families are looking at new ways of spending time together productively at home. The activities may include listening to music, watching movies and videos, voice and video communication, or controlling events that simplify daily household chores.

While devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. have been used to satisfy different requirements until now, a new category of smart household devices is rapidly gaining prominence. This new category is the Smart Display, an advancement of the already popular smart speaker. A Smart Display is essentially a smart speaker with a high-definition touchscreen display and camera, controlled by a voice assistant. With a Smart Display, you can experience superior sound quality, not just to enjoy music but also HD videos, while planning the day smartly.

Amazon Show – Smart Companion For Your Smart Home

Amazon Show is the latest Smart Display device, which brings the best of entertainment and convenience to your home. It is simple to set up, intuitive to operate, and comes in different sizes (5.5”, 8”, and 10” HD screen options), depending on your preferences. It has a compelling design that enhances the aesthetics of any room.

You can also get a better grip on privacy concerns as the Alexa-powered Amazon Show comes with multiple privacy controls layers. There are dedicated microphone and camera turn on/off buttons to ensure complete privacy. Amazon Show helps you manage your day much better, anytime, and anywhere.

Let us look at the top 6 things that you can do with an Amazon Show smart display device:

1. Enjoy a surreal music experience – You can listen to music on apps such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Gaana, etc. while you are busy with your own work. You can enjoy music videos to enhance the experience. The entire family can join the party by singing together on the song lyrics.

2. Watch amazing content at your own pace and convenience – Whether you are relaxing on your sofa, or immersed in the comfort of your bed, you can catch up on your favorite movies and web series on Prime Video or other streaming apps. The superior sound experience from the powerful speakers only adds to the overall experience.

3. Control your smart home – With simple voice-based or touchscreen commands, you can remotely control your ACs, kitchen appliances, lights, and many more devices.

4. Edutainment for Kids – Amazon Show devices make learning and entertainment fun for kids. With a plethora of apps, kids can remain engaged with shows like ChuChu TV, Chhota Bheem adventures, and nursery rhymes for a long time. They can also learn spellings, multiplication tables, and increase their general knowledge with various quizzes.

5. Keep in touch with near and dear ones – Video calling with friends and family becomes a lot more enjoyable with the superior HD screen and camera quality. The ‘drop-in’ feature allows you to check on your kids or parents – just like an intercom facility.

6. Stay on top of news and household chores – Schedule appointments, check out recipes, read news and weather reports, pay your bills using Amazon Pay, complete your grocery shopping, and a lot more with the convenience of Alexa commands.