Picture this – you walk into your home after a long day of work and say, “Alexa, I am home”. And the lights turn on, the AC switches on to your preferred temperature, the blinds draw up, and Alexa welcomes you home with a personalized message or a pre-set reminder. We are not talking about a utopian future. Many are already living these magical experiences with Echo, Alexa, and smart home appliance manufacturers in India. Together, they are making Indian homes smarter, connected, energy-efficient, and safer for their residents. And they are doing it in style!

Smart home appliances by Indian brands work with Alexa

Over the last year, home electronics brands that are addressing the needs of Indian consumers and what they need from their smart homes. Alexa-enabled light bulbs are a global phenomenon. But many homeowners continue to prefer tube lights, so Wipro has launched Alexa-enabled tube lights that users can control with simple voice commands.

Despite more and more homes around the country getting brand new air conditioners every summer, our ceiling fans are not going out of commission any time soon. Orient Fans offers Alexa-enabled smart fans. Now you can just ask Alexa to switch on the fan or increase and decrease its speed.

Forget the elusive remote-control and stop juggling between TV and set-top box remotes.Oakter IR blaster and voice remote allows users to play their favourite movie on TV or change channels to watch the daily soap by giving voice commands to Alexa. It works with most TVs and set top boxes – from Tata Sky to local networks like DEN.
From India-specific plugs to home cameras for the safety of children and elderly, the Alexa Smart Home Store on Amazon India offers a wide range of products that meet the specific needs of Indian consumers and their homes.

New footprints every day in the Smart Home ecosystem

Thanks to these unique India-focused innovations that are becoming commonplace with Alexa, more and more Indian digital natives are joining the Smart Home ecosystem.

Turning your home into a smart home

As a young first-time mother, Kritika was worried when she had to return to work and leave her child at home with the nanny. “Thanks to Alexa and our now- smart and connected home, I have been able to keep an eye on my daughter for the nine hours that I am away. Not just that, I can control the temperature of her room from my work cubicle, switch on the air purifier, and make sure that my child is comfortable even when I am away. Alexa’s been a such a blessing these last few months!”
Slowly but certainly, our homes promise to get smarter, connected, sustainable, and secure, in the inimitable ways that only Indian homes can!