With the advancement of technology in the world, it has reached a point where it helps alter our lifestyle for the better. Smart homes are the latest talk of the town and is the best combination of efficiency and aesthetics. Diwali is the festival of lights and what better excuse to give your house a smart makeover?

‘Smart homes’ is a concept that always stirs up a lot of misconceptions due to the smart technology involved. From the price of the smart appliances to the requirement of installing them, a lot of us shy away from the very concept of starting our smart home journey and settle for less. Worry no more, we’re here to shatter all those misunderstandings and enable you to live a better, comfortable and aesthetic life!

Alexa is the most efficient virtual assistant AI technology built for you. Alexa is capable of doing multiple things that include daily news updates to voice recognition in English and Hindi for absolutely anything you need! Alexa makes it easier to inch towards making homes smart and a life worth living!

Here are 3 easy and affordable ways to make your home smart with Alexa this Diwali!

In India, the smart home journey has already begun for a lot of our customers and you should definitely jump onto the bandwagon and experience life and technology like never before!

Light up your home: It’s Diwali anyway!

A few minutes of installation without any wiring requirements, sounds easy, doesn’t it?
Set up the Echo Dot in your living room and with the help of installing smart bulbs - your smart home is ready! The Echo Dot has a voice recognition technology which enables you to control the lightning in your house just through simple voice commands! Whether it’s controlling the brightness for your family dinner or switching it off before going to bed, with this combo deal of a smart bulb and an echo dot, you can have the best of everything designed according to your needs, for you. Make this Diwali a little brighter for you and your loved ones!

No frustration equals no problem!

Annoyed with your devices needing to be controlled manually? Do you waste a lot of your time and energy to get your appliance to work the way you want it to? We have an effective solution to this as well. With the Amazon Smart Plug, you can control your lamps, kettles and even your chargers the way you want! You can plug in your device to the Smart plug and after having set it up through the Alexa app, the Echo dot will enable you to control it according to your preference! It comes with additional benefits of having a power state retention feature which keeps your device safe in case of a power outage. We have combo deals (Smart plug + Echo Dot) at an exclusive price - A diwali gift, from us to you!

Security and Safety:

With the Diwali rush throughout the house and otherwise, the safety and security of our loved ones is always of top priority. With the Smart Camera and Echo Show set up, you can now watch over your loved ones anytime you want! A wifi connection is all you need to set up the smart camera in any place you like and you can ask Echo Show to show the kids room or watch over your pets while you’re at work! With the current lifestyle and fast paced world, stress is the last thing you need. Purchase this comdo deal to live a happy, stress free life and improve your lifestyle today!