Noor an ‘I Have Space’ (IHS) partner.

Hope is not to be found, it resides within you. This thought resonates perfectly with Noorjahan, a 21-year-old girl from Kochi, Kerala, who believed that her calling was to run her own business. After completing her graduation in Biotechnology in 2021, she founded Za-One Naturals, a range of customized organic beauty bars and shampoos. The raw materials for these handcrafted products are sourced from nearby villages and processed by her family members, who help her in the production.

Becoming an Amazon I Have Space partner has been empowering for me. I have not only expanded my business but now I’m also financially supporting my family.
I Have Space partner, Kochi

Enabling aspirations

While Noorjahan needed time to establish the store, the pandemic slowed down the pace of footfalls. When she heard about the I Have Space program from her father, she knew this was the opportunity she needed to create an additional source of income to continue building her new business and supporting her family. She decided to join the program in August 2021. “Becoming an Amazon I Have Space partner has been empowering for me. I have not only expanded the business but I’m also financially supporting my family. I am also fueling my aspiration of doing a postgraduate degree in Biotechnology through my earnings from the program,” says Noorjahan.

Through the I Have Space program, Amazon India partners with hundreds of local stores and business owners like Noorjahan to deliver products to customers within a 2-4 kilometre radius, allowing them to supplement their regular incomes. Launched in 2015, the program has over 28,000 neighborhood and kirana partners in 420 towns and cities across India.

Entrepreneurial dreams

Noorjahan's story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, who often find it challenging to start something of their own because of financial reasons or lack of prior experience.

“I am grateful that Amazon happened to me. With the earnings from the IHS program, I purchased my first motorcycle, which I use to deliver packages around my neighborhood. In the next few years, I want to expand my business as an Amazon Seller, taking my range of beauty products to customers across the country,” she adds.

Want to gain financial independence like Noorjahan? Aspiring I Have Space partners can apply here: