Girish A (20) is a second-year B. Com student at a local college in Bengaluru. He loves drawing, playing cricket with his friends, and dreams of pursuing an MBA. He is also hardworking – he had a Distinction at the 10th board exams, and performs well at college too. Today, he is excited to have a part time income from a flexible job while being a full-time student. As an Amazon Flex Partner, he enables his family’s financial stability while also making them proud of him.

I take care of my family’s basic needs like groceries, college tuition fee for myself and my sister, and have repaid my bike loan as well.
Amazon Flex partner

In 2020, Girish joined Amazon Flex program, which allows individuals to work part time at their convenience while delivering for Amazon. In the initial months of the pandemic (during the first half of 2020), Girish’s family was struggling financially. Girish’s father, an autorickshaw driver, was the sole breadwinner but was out of his daily earnings due to the lockdown. Besides buying groceries, they were also concerned about having to pay back the bank loan for Girish’s scooter. The Amazon Flex opportunity could not have come at a better time for Girish.

Launched in India in June 2019, this program aims to create part time flexible opportunities for individuals to further their earning potential by delivering Amazon packages during their spare time. Interested delivery partners - can sign up, choose their own schedule, and deliver packages – all using the Amazon Flex app. Once he started doing deliveries after his background verification and hands-on training was complete, Girish found that the opportunity was a perfect fit for him.

Multitasking everyday   

The program allows flexibility, so Girish can pick his delivery schedule depending on his college commitments. On Sundays, he loves playing cricket with his friends after completing a few hours of delivery.

“I take care of my family’s basic needs like groceries, college tuition fee for myself and my sister, and have repaid my bike loan as well,” Girish says proudly. He adds that he has told his friends about this opportunity, and many of them plan to apply to become a part pf the program.

A hopeful future

Today, as a Flex partner for Amazon, Girish is not only delivering smiles to Amazon customers but also looking at his future with more hope. Appreciating the lessons from his part time job, Girish says, “I have learnt how to speak English well and interact politely with customers. I have even picked up a little Hindi by speaking to security guards of apartment buildings where I deliver.”

Girish also shared a fond memory while make deliveries. “On January 1 this year, I had to make a delivery to an elderly lady, who was very kind and sweet to me. She told me to take care during the pandemic and gave me some chocolates. I thanked her profusely for her gesture. Thanks to her, I began my new year with a mithai.”

Girish hopes to work for Amazon in a senior position after completing his MBA. “I am proud to be associated with Amazon, and one day I want to work in their office after I complete my MBA.”

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