Riding his auto-rickshaw for close to 35 years on the roads of Pune, Pritamdas Peshwani has been living a happy life. He loves his profession as it has helped him raise his two children and provide for his family of six members.

But obstacles, as we know, come unannounced in life. Pritamdas' ride suddenly came to a complete halt in 2020, as the first thing to bear the brunt of the pandemic was transport and hence he could not ride his auto rickshaw. What made matters worse for the family was that two other earning members lost their jobs too. Within a couple of months, the financial burden on the household was heavier than ever. But as the sunrise follows the darkest hour, for Pritamdas too, it was at this dark hour when he came to know about the Amazon Flex delivery program and he could see his life lighting up again.

Tapping the right potential

Pritamdas has always been a physically active person and wasn't the one willing to buckle down in times of adversity. Almost 3 months into the pandemic, while looking for some part-time opportunity within his locality, his neighbour, who is also a Flex delivery partner, recommended the program as something that could be explored. “After understanding the flexible and part time working model of the program, I immediately decided to enroll myself,” says Pritamdas. After going through the training sessions in June 2020, this 53-year-old found a new career opportunity as an Amazon Flex partner.” Earlier, I was just happy dropping people outside their destinations. Now I am taking happiness to their homes in the form of Amazon packages," Pritamdas adds.

Flexibility at the core

Launched in India in June 2019, the Amazon Flex program is creating part-time opportunities for individuals to further their earning potential by delivering Amazon packages to customers. Any individual, including those whose circumstances do not fit the pattern of traditional work, can sign up for the program. This could include housewives, students, or others, who can work part-time, choose their own schedule, supplement their existing income and work around family or personal commitments. . The company has created part-time opportunities for thousands of individuals to further their earning potential by delivering packages to customers in their free time. The program is now available in more than 65 cities in India.

Pritamdas has been a part of the Amazon Flex program for close to two years now. The program's flexibility allows him to pick delivery slots according to his convenience. Now that public life has come back to normal, he still has enough time to ride his autorickshaw during the day to ferry the passenger and spend quality time with his family. Choosing work schedules according to ease makes the Amazon Flex program a convenient and accessible option for many like him. "With Amazon Flex, I get the flexibility of selecting my blocks, which makes it convenient for me. Looking at this and more such benefits, few of my friends have also expressed interest to join the Flex program,” he says.

Delivering happiness

So, what's the best part of being an Amazon Flex Partner, we ask. "With uninterrupted earnings, this program has paved the way for our happiness," says Pritamdas. "But the best part is being able to deliver happiness at people's doorsteps. Beyond all the perks, I feel delighted to see kids happy and excited upon receiving their packages. This makes me feel like Santa Claus delivering gifts! I appreciate their gratitude towards my work. Also, now I share a unique connection with delivery boys bringing my Amazon orders to my doorstep. As we are all familiar with each other's work and sailing towards the same direction," he further adds.