It’s that time of the year when everyone likes to take a breather and plan for new beginnings. For some, the goals are about professional growth. For others, it boils down to personal, social and financial betterment. People are not satisfied with the status quo. We yearn for more and our ambitions are getting bigger every year.

Though people’s New Year resolutions can differ according to their lifestyle and personality, most New Year resolutions come under some common topics we list here.

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1. Learn a musical instrument

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Music uplifts the soul in myriad ways. Scientific research shows that playing a musical instrument brings several benefits—from increasing memory power and bettering mathematical ability to enhancing respiratory system and relieving stress.

Explore your inner musician with the 21 fret Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar. Strum away.

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2. Make informed investment decision

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Investing is all about putting one’s money to work and potentially build wealth. Smart investing can allow your money to outpace inflation and increase in value. An increasing number of people are looking at parking a slice of their savings in equities. But the first step is understanding how stock markets function and comprehend the risks involved.

Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes, a book by Pranjal Kamra, busts myths, and misconceptions associated with stock markets while giving insights into behaviours, drivers, and implications of equity investments. Stay informed so you’re not misguided by fear and greed.

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3. Lead a healthier lifestyle

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Many of us wish to break out of our sedentary lifestyles. Low levels of physical activity, coupled with high levels of stress can pose serious health issues. This year, take a step towards a healthier you by including cycling in your daily routine. Cycling helps keep heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and stress-related issues at bay.

The 21-gear Urban Terrain UT1000 Series bicycle comes with a gear system powered with Japanese technology. Bundled alongside is a 3-month Cult Pass Live providing unlimited access to home workouts, celebrity workouts and meditation sessions.

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While you are burning calories and making your way to a healthy routine, keep track of your vitals with a fitness band. Ar,med with over 60 sport modes and auto workout detection, the boAt Xtend Talk VO2 MAX gives you precise data on oxygen consumption so that you never run out of breath.

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4. Carve out more me-time

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Recharge and rejuvenate as you spend time with your thoughts. Unplug from the noise outside and connect with your mind, body and soul in this conscious effort of timing out. Our mind and body need to be in sync and a period of solitude, interspersed with soulful tunes and mindful chants, can do wonders. As you tune out the disturbances, the Sennheiser Hd 450Se noise cancellation headphones can be your ally.

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Immerse yourself in the world of audiobooks and take the joy of the noise cancellation headphones even further with Explore the wide range of audiobooks and podcasts, listen in to luminaries such as Barack Obama, Sadhguru and Stephen Fry, and start 2023 with fresh perspectives.

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5. Learning to cook/bake

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Cooking is a life skill—no one wishes to eat out or order in every day. Baking is considered a form of art, a connoisseur’s delight which gives one boasting rights among friends and family.

For those cozy winter days when you want to soak in the aroma of a freshly-baked cake, the HETZON stainless steel icing gun is every baker’s delight. The pull-out plunger gives superior control while making the process smooth. It comes with five decorating tips to make things easier for the first-time baker.

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6. Travel solo

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Plan your next trip on the Amazon app where you can now make flight and railway ticket bookings. Traveling provides a deeper understanding of our beautiful planet and helps us appreciate different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. Solo travelling helps boost your confidence, improves long-term happiness and helps you meet new people. Explore the wide range of travel bags, fanny bags and trolleys on Amazon India so you are always well prepared on the road.

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7. Become a content creator

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If you have a fondness for trying out new and exciting things, consider creating podcasts. This Podcast Microphone features zero latency monitoring, professional condenser mic with touch mute button, and mic gain knob for recording. Explore a wide array of mics and essentials for your first podcast.

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8. DIY: Learn home improvement tips and tricks

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Become the master of your abode and begin the journey towards self-reliance next year. Understand the tips and tricks of home improvement and take charge of day-to-day tasks without external help.

This 100-piece Bosch electric drill toolkit has a variety of common tools in a compact case, which covers all your needs from assembling furniture to hanging photos. It can be an ideal tool kit for beginners, especially when moving into a new place.

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9. Develop a reading habit

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Become the avid reader that you have always aspired to be. Tune out distractions and submerge yourself in the world of fiction. The Amazon Kindle device is for the reader in you. Read for long hours without straining your eyes with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.

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10. Improve your photography skills

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This year, aspire to become the next Jimmy Nelson. Fulfill the resolution of learning photography with our range of cameras to choose from. Never miss out on the candids, make memories every time you go out and explore professional-level photography with the Canon EOS 3000D, which is ideal for the first time DSLR user. The 18-megapixel APS-C-size CMOS image sensor captures abundant light and detail and makes sure you never miss a moment.

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11. Build a capsule wardrobe

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When aiming for a clutter-free lifestyle a capsule fashion collection is what you need. Swear by the idea of less is more and lead a life that is time efficient. Capsule wardrobes are becoming the trend of the hour as we are becoming more conscious towards our consumption pattern. While you look at the fashion must-haves for the collection, the Tommy Hilfiger Women's Striped shirt can play wonders for your wardrobe with its scope of styling.

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