The journey of stared with about 100 sellers offering media products to customers in a few cities. Today, 8 years later, as becomes an integral part of daily lives and livelihoods across India, SVP and Country Manager, Amazon India, Amit Agarwal says that they are energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India.

Amit Agarwal Amazon India
SVP and Country Manager, Amazon India, Amit Agarwal

Elaborating on the journey of India, he says, “As completes 8 years, we reiterate our commitment to India. We continue to obsess with serving customers and small businesses, use technology to invent on their behalf, and think long-term. We are humbled how we are meaningfully impacting daily lives and livelihoods all across India, and one can be rest assured that we are just getting started. We are energized by the opportunity to be a key digital partner for India as it realizes its true potential in the 21st century, and remain heads down focused on our pledge to digitize 1 Cr. SMBs (including 10 lakh local stores), enabling $10B in exports, and creating 20 lakh jobs by 2025.”

Speaking about how customers and SMBs are embracing online, Amit says, "The second surge of the pandemic brought forth untold challenges and put people and economies under immense pressure, but we also recognized that customers and small businesses are increasingly embracing online and are relying on us to navigate and recover from the disruption. And we take this responsibility very seriously. We are humbled that our focus on digitally empowering millions of small businesses to bring convenience to daily lives of customers, helping them save time and money, is more critical than ever before,” he says.

As Amazon India keeps a laser sharp focus on its pledges, Amit says "The long-term opportunity for India remains compelling. The current crisis is likely to be a structural shift that propels us faster towards the vision of a Digital India, catapults Make in India to go global at scale, and creates digitally enabled robust businesses that will power millions of livelihoods, and realizing the true vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat. India must grab this rare opportunity with both hands, by focusing on enabling policies that accelerate this shift. We at Amazon, truly feel fortunate to be able to play our part, and it truly is barely Day 1 for us in India.”

Whether it is enabling SMBs to go digital, or making Make in India global, leaders across the board in Amazon India, leading various teams, reaffirm their commitment to India. Read to know more...