Kerala has been undergoing a calamity because of incessant rains for the past 3 months and all 24 dams across the state have been opened which has been unprecedented in the history of Kerala. The state government has declared a state of alert, and rescue and rehabilitation operations have started extensively. Hundreds of families have been rescued to relief camps, though many still remain marooned in the flood hit areas. More than half of the 14 districts in Kerala have been put on high alert. People have been forced to take shelter in rescue camps, according to the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority’s (KSDMA) control room in the state capital (based on a report published on Reuters).
In recent years, Amazon India has worked with multiple agencies to provide immediate relief to citizens affected by natural calamities. The current events in Kerala call for our support to contribute to the communities affected. Amazon India is working in partnership with NGOs who are leading the disaster relief efforts in Kerala.