Ahead of this year’s edition of Prime Day, we hosted technology journalist, commentator, and an avid Amazon user Rajiv Makhni in Amazon India’s biggest Fulfilment Centre. He got a sneak preview into what actually goes down between the time customers complete their shopping on Amazon.in and receive their shipments at their doorstep. Rajiv found that Amazon Fulfilment Centre is “where it’s at”!

Amazon Fulfilment Centres across the country – or Amazon’s highly technology powered warehouses – are where most of the hard work of Prime Day actually happens. The efficiency and operational excellence of these Centres, knows as FCs in short, are significantly responsible for fast and safe shipping, even more so during Prime Day.

Accompany Rajiv on his journey through India’s biggest FC and see how efficiency and speed, technology and operational excellence come together on every shipment’s journey from across the customer’s screen to his doorstep.

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