With Alexa around, you are sure to have a lot of fun times. We can give you 50,000 reasons why she could play an important role in your life. However, here is a cool one for all you budding musicians. Alexa can rap. Nope, we are not kidding!

BrodhaV, a popular rap artiste from India is thoroughly enjoying his Amazon Echo smart speaker and decided to have fun with Alexa in a study session. Check out his latest video called 'Naam Le Mera' where he jams with Alexa, a wonderful example of how man and machine rap to the rhythm of the track in absolute harmony. While BrodhaV wrote some groovy, foot-tapping lines on Alexa, she complemented the track in her own way, much to the surprise of everyone. BrodhaV accomplished this cool feat by creating a skill using Alexa Blueprints (blueprints.amazon.in)

With Blueprints, I could build a custom skill for a fun studio session with Alexa.

Blueprints is the coolest way for any user, including those without knowledge of coding or programming, to create their very own Alexa Skill. With the help of easy-to-use templates anyone can create customised experiences for Alexa within minutes just by filling in the blanks. Whether it’s your own answer to the question “Alexa, who makes the best Pasta in the world?” or a skill that helps you surprise parents with a personalised story narrated by Alexa, “Alexa, open My Dad's Story.” BrodhaV used this customer-friendly medium to make Alexa rap for him, later mixing her lines into his groovy track.

Just say 'Alexa, rap for me'

My experience with Alexa has been cool and inspiring. I loved having my day taken care of with music alarms, reminders for recordings and even setting the right ambience to ideate. I had a lot of fun engaging with Alexa's quirky personality and even more because of Blueprints. With Blueprints, I could build a custom skill for a fun studio session with Alexa,” says Brodha V.

Alexa Skill Blueprints allow you to build experiences into Alexa that are personalised to you and help make Alexa even more useful around your home. You can choose from 30 different templates to build your own trivia game, personalised stories, custom Alexa responses to questions, and more. The skills you create are specially designed for you or your friends and family, and will only appear on the devices registered to your Amazon account. You can also share your personalised skill with family and friends to use on their own Alexa-enabled devices. Skills can be shared via email, text, WhatsApp, or social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Recipients will receive a direct link where they'll be able to see details about your skill and have the ability to enable it for use on their own account.

Music has clearly remained one of the top use cases for Alexa. With voice being the only mode of communication, Alexa has completely transformed the music listening experience of customers. Asking for your favourite song, asking by playlist, artiste, album or even filmstars or genres is the easiest way to tune in to your favourite. Customers can even control the playback experience by asking Alexa what is playing or rewind, pause and forward. Top music streaming services like Amazon Prime Music, Gaana, Saavn provide you with enough choices to pull out any one of hat your favourite tracks.

To get started with Alexa Skill Blueprints visit: http://blueprints.amazon.in/. For frequently asked questions: blueprints.amazon.in/help/frequently-asked-questions/.