While reviewing images and sharing feedback on what could’ve been done better, a common sentence we all hear or say is: “But there was no time! Can we really think about all that in the heat of the moment?”

Mantra for good images

Well, if you want to make great images, you must. But is there a mantra? Can we encapsulate the whole of photography into a single word or acronym that will help you easily remember what it takes to bring home the bacon, without the labyrinth of technicalities crushing your head? Can the bedrock of shooting technique be expressed in a nutshell?

Happily, yes. And we call it ‘CASE‘.


‘CASE’ is a distillation of DSLR photography to the four most important factors of which you need to be constantly mindful, in order to frequently produce proficient images. And it’s simply an acronym for ‘Composition, Autofocus, Shutter speed and Exposure (compensation)’.

Nail this quartet of variables – the pillars of photography, if you like – and there’s slim chance that a sloppy image will come off your card, unless the content itself is dull, exceptionally dull. And dreary.
But meanwhile, remember the acronym, chant it if required, chew it and digest it. Let it seep deep into your memory.
For it’s the mantra for making great images.
(Content courtesy: Toehold)

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