Amazon’s new Hyderabad campus is our first owned campus outside USA and the single largest building in terms of area and head count for Amazon globally. With Amazon India witnessing a tremendous opportunity in having a very large and active customer base, setting up the new office space marks as an important milestone to the company’s mission of becoming ‘customer centric’. The new campus will facilitate team members from different parts of the business, with a diverse range of skill sets, to come together and work on behalf of local and growing businesses.

With 15,000 work points across 1.8 million square feet in office space, built on 3 million square feet of construction area, this is Amazon’s single largest building in the world in terms of total area. The infrastructure has been developed in adherence to Amazon’s exacting standards, designed to facilitate inclusion of employees with special needs and support its diverse workforce. It is also our first Amazon facility to create an Alexa Pod and experiment the Inside Day 1 Alexa Skill (Beta).

Amazon Hyderabad Office
A view of Amazon’s new Hyderabad campus, which is our first owned campus outside the USA.
Amazon India office entrnace
COVID Hyd campus - an office sparsely populated
Cricket pitch at Hyd campus
Amazon's Hyderabad Campus
Photo by Anushya Badrinath

The office at Hyderabad has inspiring themes that define the interiors, which are India centric and bring out the flavour of India beautifully. With three amenity floors and 12 office floors, each level has a specific theme assigned to it, including crafts, music, art, textiles and such like. The unique design for building this campus includes a combination of granite, high performance glass and metal up to the terrace level. The office is accommodated in two towers – north and south, to provide connection within the floors.

With the agile-based working environment, employees will have a wide range of options for seating and not be required to work at an assigned station. The facility features casual, collaborative workspaces, as well as private areas for concentration and confidentiality. Interfaith prayer rooms, mothers’ room, quiet rooms, unisex restrooms, showers, helipad, and an all-day open cafeteria are designed to facilitate inclusion and diversity. Every detail is aimed at improving well-being and efficiency, from Destination Control Systems to manage elevators that can move 972 people simultaneously, to 290 conference rooms and 3 scrum areas per floor to foster collaboration.

This is Day One for us in India, and we look forward to creating an environment where diverse contributions are welcomed and innovation encouraged for the long term.

Campus Highlights

● Total built-up area when spread out will span over 68 acres (approx. 65 football fields)
● The construction was awarded the Golden Trophy and Certificate from the National Safety Council for safe construction practices in 2018
● The campus contains over 2.5 times more steel than the Eiffel Tower, measured by weight
● The building meets stringent safety standards, with 110 km of fire protection system conduit
● The 86-metre buildings are accessed by 49 elevators with high-rise elevators that can move at the speed of one floor per second
● The campus has one conference room seat for every 3.25 workstations, higher than the global ratio of 1:5