Amazon India will address the healthcare needs of truck drivers working with its 350+ trucking partners through Sushruta, a wide-ranging health and wellness program. Sushruta is designed to enable early detection and diagnosis, raise awareness about long-term health practices and promote digital innovation through teleconsultation. A series of health camps are being organised in Bengaluru, Manesar (Haryana), and other parts of the country through the year. Truck drivers and family members will be screened for over 70 health parameters.

Amazon India launches a comprehensive health program for truck drivers and their families

At Amazon, we recognise the challenges trucking drivers face, which results in them not prioritising their health while on the road. The Sushruta program aims to address these challenges, and support good health of drivers, which in turn ensures efficient operations. We sincerely hope this program makes a positive change in the lives of the truck drivers and their families
Arun Kumar Singh
Director, Amazon Transportation Services, India

Organised in collaboration with NGOs such as Premansh Foundation, Anchal Health Centre and DocOnline, the inaugural camp (Bengaluru) in January and the recently concluded camp in Manesar were significant successes with encouraging participation from truck drivers and their family members.

Amazon India launches a comprehensive health program for truck drivers and their families

Hospital access for drivers and their families

Under the Sushruta program, drivers are screened for over 70 health parameters at camps set up in Amazon’s sortation cenres. Drivers are provided with a referral card along with their health reports, granting access to teleconsultation services for themselves and up to three family members. The referral cards also provide access to Anchal Health Centre and affiliated government hospitals for health checkups throughout the year.

I am thankful to Amazon for initiatives like Sushruta. As we are mostly on the move, it's reassuring that Amazon prioritises our healthcare and organises health camps for our betterment.
Thipparaju G
A truck driver working with an Amazon’s trucking partner from Bengaluru

Free eye check-up for truck drivers

In 2022, Amazon conducted a pilot of the Sushruta program and organised an eye check-up camp in collaboration with Lenskart. The 25-day-long camp, spanning across fulfillment centers and sortation centers in Delhi NCR, aimed to enhance eye care accessibility for truck drivers and support staff. Screenings were conducted for over 1,700 individuals and more than 500 spectacles were distributed to those in need. Following the pilot, Amazon has extended the healthcare camp and scope of checkups across locations under Sushruta this year.